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How to conduct the sterilization of cats

How to spend the cat sterilization

Neutering a cat - it's surgery, and before you burn her favorite at the reception to a veterinarian, caring hosts eager to learn more about the operation.

This process is surrounded by many myths and conjectures, and it is not easy to understand what is the essence of medical intervention.

What is the sterilization

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Sterilization - an operation which resulted in thethe animal loses its ability to reproduce. People who are far from veterinary often confuse castration and sterilization, because the lack of offspring can be achieved by various methods, for example, ligation of fallopian tubes. In this case the cat will lose the opportunity to have kittens, but she will be in heat, and on certain days it will feel an interest in mating. If castration is a cat spay, where he produced hormones that influence the behavior of the animal, and often also the uterus, to avoid complications in the future.
How is the sterilization of cats

What sterilized cat

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If you are the owner of a thoroughbredanimal and do not plan to breed, cat in heat certainly give you a lot of trouble. At this time, the animal becomes restless, it meows constantly calling partner. If mating has not occurred within a few weeks it can be repeated again. Unable to keep track of the animals, a couple of months you have to think, whom to give the kittens. To save yourself a headache, it is best to decide on sterilization.
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How is the sterilization of cats

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Before putting an animal on the table, the doctor shouldmake sure it is healthy. He examines a cat, interrogates her owners, measures the temperature of the small animal. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, the veterinarian, while keeping an eye on the work of the heart and breathing his patient. It makes an incision in the middle or at the side of the abdomen depending on the method used. The animal is spayed or ovaries and uterus, and then the wound is sutured, and the cat is derived from the state of anesthesia.
Sterilization - a routine operation, butcavitary intervention occurred, and in the next few days, the animals need special care. In some clinics animals after sterilization can be left for a while under the supervision of a veterinarian, but if you intend to take a pet home, you have to follow some rules. Equip cat couch on the floor, so she did not have to jump on the rise. It does not completely detached from the anesthesia the animal can not calculate the distance and fall. On the cat should be put on a special blanket, which will prevent the animal licking the joints. In this animal clothes must take place 10-14 days, until the surgeon will remove the skin. you also have to handle the seams, to prevent their inflammation. However, after two weeks of special care you will be completely free from problems related to the sexual behavior of your pet.

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