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How to Gas in a Private House


How to Gas in a Private House </a>

Gasification of a private home is a process sufficientLaborious and expensive, but it allows you to get rid of a lot of household problems associated with heating the house, providing hot water and cooking.

All work is carried out by specialists, and the owner of the house only needs to prepare the necessary documents and money.

To conduct gas in a private house, in the firstTurn it is necessary to find out who is the owner of the gas pipeline, the sidebar to which it is planned to make. Most often they are Gorgas, from which it will be necessary to obtain permission to carry out gas and a form with technical conditions. Issuance of the form is carried out after the owner of the home provides documents such as a technical passport for house construction, TIN and passport of the customer. Payment for verification and processing of documents is not charged. The form is issued within 14-30 days.

Stages of gasification of a private house

The gasification of a private house is carried out in three stages:

- design-
- installation and start-
- registration in the management of the gas distribution company.


The project is developed by the employeeProject organization, which, after filing an application, the owner of the house goes to the site, where he makes the necessary measurements. The designer also discusses the layout and the brand of gas equipment. After that, within 15 days he will have to agree on a ready-made project with the Gorgas service, on the basis of which the specialists-estimates will prepare design estimates.

Installing and Starting the System

After the design and estimateDocumentation, it is necessary to find an assembly organization, the choice of which necessarily takes into account the presence of her license, entered in the register of Gorgas. At this stage, between the owner of the private house and the head of the organization, a contract is signed and the deadlines for the performance of work are specified, and a representative of Gorgaz is issued a receipt for technical supervision, which the owner of the house pays.

During the delivery of the facility by the installationThe customer must ensure that all equipment specified in the project is installed and connected. After that, the contractor must compile the technical and executive documentation and transfer it to the storage in Gorgaz. The gas service will have to fill the counters within 21 working days, after which a contract for the supply of natural gas is signed between it and the owner of the house. Opening of the gas crane and the first launch of gas to the devices are carried out by the employees of the territorial gas service, who, having checked the gas pipeline for leaks, start gas appliances.


Now it is necessary to register with the selected gas distribution company and conclude an agreement with it for gas equipment service.

How much does the gasification of a private house cost?

With a standard connection, when the gas main to the house is 25 meters, fixed tariffs are in force. In this case, the cost of gasification is affected by:

- method of laying the pipeline-
- type of terrain-
- the size of the meter-
- region.

On average, holding natural gas in a private house costs its owner 50-200 thousand rubles.

If the distance from the gas pipeline to the house exceeds 25 meters, the cost of connection will be higher. It is calculated on an individual basis in the local Gorgaz.

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