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How to spend the gas in a private house

How to hold the gas in a private house

Gasification of the private houses - process is quitetime-consuming and expensive, but it allows you to get rid of the weight of everyday problems associated with heating of housing, provision of hot water and cooking.

All work is performed by specialists and by the owner of the house is only required to prepare the necessary documents and money.

To hold the gas in a private house, in the firstall you need to find out who is the owner of the pipeline, a frame to which it is planned to do. Most often it is Gorgaz, which will need to get permission for the gas and form with the specifications. Issue form is carried out after the owner of the house documents such as product data on housing construction, VAT and customer passport. Fee for review and processing of documents will be charged. Issue form is made within 14-30 days.

Stages of a private home gasification

Gasification of private homes is carried out in three stages:

- proektirovanie-
- Installation and start system-
- Registration with the management of the company gazoraspredelyayuschey.


Development of the project carried out an employeedesign organization, which goes to the object, which produces the necessary measurements after filing the owner of the house. With designer also discusses the layout and gas equipment trademark. After that, he spent 15 days will be required to agree on the finished project with Gorgaza service, on the basis of which the price calculation experts will prepare design and estimate documentation.

Installation and system startup

After you have prepared design estimatesDocumentation is necessary to find a mounting organization in selecting which must take into account that it has a license recorded in the Register Gorgaza. At this stage, between the owner of a private house and the head of the organization signed a contract and stipulate terms of performance, and a representative Gorgaza issued a receipt for the technical supervision, which pays the owner of the house.

During the delivery of the object in the installeroperation of the customer must make sure that it was installed and connected all of the equipment specified in the project. After that, the contractor must make a technical and executive documentation and submit it for storage in Gorgaz. Gas service within 21 business days will have to seal the counters, then between her and the owner of the house signed a contract for the supply of natural gas. The opening of the gas valve and the first launch of the gas to devices made by employees of the territorial gas service to by checking the pipeline for leaks, run gas appliances.


Now you need to register with the selected gazoraspredelyayuschey company and enter into the contract for the service of gas appliances.

How much is the gasification of a private home

A standard connection where the gas pipeline from 25 meters up to the house, there are fixed rates. In this case, the cost of the gasification effect:

- Method of laying truboprovoda-
- Type mestnosti-
- Size tion counters
- Region.

The average holding of natural gas manages his private house owner to 50-200 thousand rubles.

If the distance from the pipeline to the house is more than 25 meters, the connection cost will be higher. It is calculated on an individual basis in the local Gorgaz.

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