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How to Conduct a physical education lesson

How to Conduct a physical education lesson

Physical education - one of the most important school subjects. If the rest of the items develop mental activity of students, physical education is responsible for the development of the body.

Some beginning teachers can not decide about the validity of physical training.

If you treat them well, you will be interested in an article, set forth below.



begin lesson with the construction and organizational matters. The teacher must maintain discipline in the classroom, so you can not assume the construction and commissioning of a formality report.


Start with a warm-up. This is a required element of the training of each athlete and a prerequisite
sports training.Workout can be divided into two parts. The first part of our goal - to warm up the body in general. This will suit the smooth running, warm extremities, trunk, naklony.Vtoraya part of the warm-up is to prepare the respiratory and circulatory. In this part, you can do acceleration, jerk, more intense exercise.


Go to the main part. Here, the teacher should have to work with the students, to show some new technique, for example, you can teach children to run with a low start. This exercise is suitable for both boys and girls. In addition to viewing the art from, students should try the new technique. They should also run a short distance with low start. If someone fails to perform the exercise correctly, you should immediately undertake work on the bugs, if time permits.


Go to general physical preparation. Boys suit pushups and lifting body, lying on his back. Girls are also more suitable jumping rope instead of push-ups, trunk lift but will be useful for them.


Summarize. Usually at the end of class, the teacher arranges the students in a row, and sums up the carried out work. If required, the teacher must give homework before the dissolution of the students.

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