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How to conduct exercises in kindergarten

Charging should give courage

Charge for children is quite specific tasks.

Due to the gym, the guys have to feel cheerful, energetic, full of energy.

It is on these purposes it is necessary to remember, making the charging plan.



Give the children warm. Put them in a large circle. Let the guys go at a moderate pace in a circle, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. During the first exercise option periodically change its execution. For example, first let it be a normal walking, then to raise your knees high to the waist, then marching.


After the children a little stirwalking through, they can switch to running in circles. You as a kindergarten teacher, it is important to ensure that the exercise was carried out at a moderate pace. In addition, it is important that all children had about the same speed, so that was not broken circle. Running can also be varied. For example, ask the children to stand up not one another, and the person in the circle. Let them move in a clockwise attachable quick-step, while holding his hands on his belt.


Go to complex bracing exercises. Children are circumferential face toward the center. The first exercise helps to strengthen the neck muscles. Ask the children to perform a few tilts of the head to the right and left turns. That children do not stray, count aloud to four. After five or six repetitions add exercise tilts forward to the chest and back. Then follow with the children several circular head movements, first clockwise, then counterclockwise.


Mash arm muscles. Follow ups of hands up, then spread them apart. Your task - to improve circulation. Make a few circular rotational motions of hands, first in one direction and then in another direction. Do not forget about the shoulder girdle. Alternately, lift the shoulders, then take them a few times back and forth rotational movement.


Perform a series of sit-ups. Feet are together building - right. Have the children put their hands on waist and squat, until the legs form a right angle at the knees. After the sit-ups, performing multiple slopes body: forward slightly backward, right and left.


That children do not get bored, do jumping with themvarious kinds: the legs are always together, feet first separately, and then together, simulating a pair of scissors, jumping on one leg. Generally, the younger your players, the more desirable to carry out exercises in the form of games. You can keep the same exercises, but for variation, inventing what actions could fulfill guys. For example, leaning forward can be associated with the collection of mushrooms and berries, and circular movements with his hands - with the flight of birds or aircraft.

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