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How to spend the day Archaeologist

Archeology - the study of the culture and life of ancient peoples, which is probably due to come down to our times real monuments.

August 15 scholars of this science celebrate their professional holiday.

With the help of archeology can restore much of the history of the past, thanks to a special analysis carried out on the findings discovered during the excavations.

history of the holiday

Archaeology completely detached science. All the events of history are set, either from the data or according to the written sources. Archaeologist Day is not a national or a state holiday. However, each year, on August 15, Russian archeologists celebrate this day.

There are several legends which are connectednamely 15 August. On one of them, before World War II in Novgorod during the regular excavations, the archaeologists want to relax. And they offered Artsikhovsky (expedition leader) celebrate a birthday favorite horse Alexander of Macedon - Bucephalus. From that time the custom every year to celebrate August 15 as the day resourceful, all understanding of archaeologists.

Archaeologist Day Celebration

This holiday, as well as various otherprofessional days, has its own traditions. Initiation to archaeologists - one of the events dedicated to the 15th August. Members, having this ritual, accepted into the ranks of professionals. Before Event is a special script. It depends on its effect on the location where it will be held the dedication. Typically, participants are encouraged to bow before any artifact excavated and then drink champagne out of the jar, which was started in a circle. Ends ritual and great friendly fun.

This day is also recommended to visit the museum. High school students are offered a variety of training: knitting knots belay, ignited the fire, boiling the field of cereal, putting up tents.

The aim of this festival is toattracting public attention to the huge importance of this profession. After all, this science is one of the most effective ways of knowing the past and preserving the cultural heritage, which is priceless.

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