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How to spend an Archaeologist Day


How to spend an Archaeologist Day</a>

Archeology is the study of the culture and life of ancient peoples, which, perhaps, thanks to the material monuments that have survived to our times.

August 15, scientists of this science celebrate their professional holiday.

With the help of archeology, it is possible to restore much of the history of the past, thanks to special analyzes conducted on the findings found during excavations.

history of the holiday

Archeology is an absolutely isolated science. All events of history are established, either from the data or from written sources. The day of the Archaeologist is not a national or state holiday. However, annually, on August 15 in Russia archaeologists celebrate this day.

There are several legends that are connectedIt was with August 15. According to one of them, before the Great Patriotic War in Novgorod, during the regular excavation, archaeologists wanted to relax. And they suggested to Artsikhovsky (the head of the expedition) to celebrate the holiday, the birthday of the favorite horse of A.Macedonsky - Bucephalus. Since that time, it has become customary to mark annually on August 15 as a day of resourceful, in all understandings, archaeologists.

Celebrating the Day of the Archaeologist

This holiday, as well as various otherProfessional days, has its own traditions. Dedications to archaeologists - one of the events timed to August 15. Beginners, having passed this ritual, are accepted into the ranks of professionals. Before the event a special scenario is drawn up. Depends on its effect on the place where the initiation will take place. As a rule, the participant is invited to bow before some excavated artifact, after which champagne is drunk from a can, which is launched in a circle. The ritual ends with a big and amicable fun.

On this day, visiting local history museums is also recommended. Senior students are offered various training: knitting safety nets, lighting a campfire, cooking field porridge, installing tents.

The purpose of this holiday is toAttract public attention to the enormous importance of this profession. After all, this science is one of the effective ways of knowing the past and preserving the cultural heritage, which is priceless.

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