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How to hold children's competitions and quizzes


How to hold children's competitions and quizzes</a>

Competitions and quizzes are an indispensable attribute of any children's holiday.

But the interest of the guys to them, the positive emotions that they will receive by performing tasks, largely depend on how thoroughly and carefully prepared the preparation of this fun event.


Any children's contest or quiz will be muchIt is more interesting if it is not done by itself, but is organically woven into the fabric of a common holiday or event. If this is a game part of the holiday, then the contest task should be logically connected with the theme of the main event.

If the quiz or series of competitions is the basis of the event, it's good if all the tasks are also thematically connected.

Choosing a topic, you need to consider the age of participants. It will be interesting for kids to participate in a quiz devoted to their favorite fairy tales or cartoons, to play pirates or princesses, and older guys can be offered more serious problems right up to the solution of "eternal questions". Of course, age is not the only thing to consider when choosing a topic for a competitive program. Here, the social status and intellectual level of the participants play a role, and whether the groups will be mixed or consist only of boys or girls.
In a word, the more factors will be taken into account, the more interesting will be the topic for the participants and so they will start performing competitive tasks with great enthusiasm.


Having decided upon the topic, it is necessary to think about how,That is required for the competition. Of course, many items can be quite arbitrary: a box, covered with colored paper, is quite suitable for the role of a pirate chest, balls will replace magic apples, and fishing boots "will turn" into boots-speed skaters. In short, you can show imagination and use what is at hand - children perfectly accept the convention of the game. But at all without the props you will not manage.

Even if an intellectual quiz is held, it will be necessary to ensure that participants, at a minimum, have pens and sheets of paper.

It's also nice to somehow outline the costumesParticipants. It's not always possible to make complex costumes, but only a few details will help children to get involved in the game faster: a crown for a princess, an eye patch and a bandanna for a pirate, etc. The younger the participants of an event, the more important are the external attributes for them.


During preparation of competitive tasks, especiallySports plan, it is necessary to take care of the safety of the participants, think over what traumatic situations can arise and try to prevent them. The inventory used in contests should also be safe.
If the tasks require the demonstration of sportsSkills, it is necessary that the children are dressed in the appropriate form. If the holiday is held in nature or on a playground, the area for active competitive tasks should be pre-checked for security.

Methods of conducting

The younger the participants in a quiz or competition, theMore should be in the program of tasks that require movement, active actions. For the elders, quiet intellectual games can also be envisaged. But, in any case, it is necessary to remember that it is better to alternate activities: to play alternating games with quieter occupations, and to interlace creative and logical tasks with tasks that enable the children to move and have fun. In this case, the interest and energy of the participants will hold on to the proper level for a long time.


And, of course, in any contest or quizThere must be winners who need to be noted somehow. You can buy or make certificates to the organizers themselves, medals and even cups, but you still need to remember that it is important for children to get not only a nominal recognition of their successes, but also something tangible, interesting and useful for them: small toys, notebooks, sweet Prizes - all this is suitable as a gift to the winners. Of course, prizes can be more serious and expensive, but it depends on the overall budget of the event.
Do not offend the losers: they, too, should receive incentive or comforting prizes in order not to feel deprived.

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