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Certification plays an important role in modern management and management personnel. However, many leaders confuse certification with personnel evaluation.

So what is the certification?

Certification & ndash- a systematic evaluationcompliance with professional and personal qualities, a certain level of qualification employee positions occupied by him. Certification allows you to analyze the shortcomings in the work of employees, which hinder the development of a successful business. Try to understand how to properly conduct the certification.

If certification is not required normal workingsome complex procedures. Certification managers require more sophisticated assessment systems and absolutely other criteria. One of the most well-known is the method of & laquo-360 & raquo-, when the manager is assessed on a scale and 6 parameters: communication and organizational skills, time management, commitment, ability to counteract conflicts in a team, ability to manage staff. It is also necessary to take into account the results of the subordinates of the manager.

Usually it holds certification from the special commissionchairman at the helm. Not subject to certification by the new law, employees (with experience up to a year), pregnant women or women who have children up to three years.

Certification must be carried out not more than once a year and consists of three phases: preparation, carrying out certification and final.

During the preparatory perioddeveloped the necessary methodology, the program and the list of competencies for those employees for which certification will be carried out. Employees should know what criteria they will be judged. At this stage, prepare all the necessary documentation (magazines, forms, tickets, etc.). At the same time approved by the Examination Board and its Chairman.

In the second period held certificationEvents. It is desirable to conduct the certification involve independent experts. It is important not to forget to fill in all the necessary documents and to prepare materials for the report.

At the final stage concludes. During this period the Assembly passes the evaluation commission. It approves the results, carried out their analysis, make recommendations when working with employees, as well as organizational decisions. Depending on the results of employee certification, it can be promoted to the post, it may increase wages or reward. In the case of negative results of an employee may be fired.

In general, it is necessary to summarize that certification & ndash- very important component of effective management of the enterprise, so treat it must be carefully and seriously.

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