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How to carry out certification


Attestation takes an important place in modern management and personnel management. However, many managers confuse attestation with the assessment of staff.

So what is the attestation?

Certification & ndash is a systematic assessmentConformity of professional and personal qualities, the level of qualification of a certain employee of the position he holds. Attestation allows you to analyze the shortcomings in the work of employees, which hinder a more successful business development. Let's try to figure out how to properly carry out certification.

When attending ordinary workers it is not requiredSome complicated procedures. Attestation of managers requires more sophisticated assessment systems and absolutely different criteria. One of the most famous is the method of "laquo-360 degrees & raquo-, when the manager is evaluated on a ten-point scale and 6 parameters: communicative and organizational abilities, time management, commitment, ability to counter conflicts in the team, ability to manage personnel. It is also necessary to take into account the results of the work of this manager's subordinates.

Usually a special commission isChairman at the head. New employees (with work experience of up to one year), pregnant women or women who have children under three years old are not eligible for certification.

Attestation should be conducted no more than once a year and consist of three stages: preparatory, certification and final.

During the preparatory periodThe necessary methods, a program and a list of those competencies for the staff for which certification will be carried out are developed. Employees should know by what criteria they will be evaluated. At this stage, prepare all the necessary documentation (magazines, forms, tickets, etc.). At the same time, the attestation commission and its chairman are approved.

In the second period, attestationEvents. It is desirable to conduct certification to attract independent experts. It is important not to forget to fill out all the necessary documents and prepare materials for the report.

At the final stage, the results are summed up. During this period, the meeting of the attestation commission is held. It approves the results, conducts their analysis, makes recommendations when working with employees, and also makes organizational decisions. Depending on the outcome of the employee's appraisal, he can be promoted, he can be increased by salary or bonus. In case of negative results, the employee may be fired.

In general, it should be summarized that attestation is a very important component of effective enterprise management, so it should be treated with care and seriousness.

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