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How to spend an adult birthday

An unusual holiday will give fun to all guests</a>

We all are waiting for the birthday as one of the most important holidays of the year.

Celebrations on the occasion of birthday differ fromAll the rest only one - this holiday has a culprit, and he is in this chief of all in the world. Every time we just puzzle how to celebrate a birthday so that it will be remembered as the most fun and bright holiday.

As a rule, a big company gathers for the celebration, and simply not to sit at the table needs entertainment, which will involve all the gathered.



You can arrange a ball-masquerade. It is necessary to prepare in advance invitations and indicate in them that the guest was convicted in the fancy dress of his favorite movie or cartoon. And you can arrange a contest for the best staging of the scene from the film, at the end choose the winner and give him a kind of an award "Oscar".


Draw a funny picture on the paper and cut it outCircles, so that guests can put their heads there. At the height of the holiday, you can roll out the screen with the figure hidden so far and select the contestants. When the guests take their places, open the drawing and give the participants the task to create a dialogue that is only indirectly related to what is painted. For example, on the paper they draw a couple, he is fastened with handcuffs to the bed, she sits on top, and the dialogue should be made on the topic "The policeman stopped the girl who exceeded the speed." You can prepare several drawings to participate in the contest as many guests as possible.


If you want to make a surprise for yourYour favorite man, then take off the hotel room, nothing to him about it without saying. Decorate the room, cover the table, prepare yourself (buy a beautiful underwear or maid or nurse costume), call the faithful and say that you are already waiting for him. Such a gift he will never forget, and will long brag to his friends.


Usually gifts per day Births Give birthday, and you can surprise yourGuests a gift for them. Give your guests an unusual dance or song. Of course, you have to prepare in advance. But how do you surprise your friends, who did not expect such a step from you.

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