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How to conduct warm floors in sleeping rooms

How to conduct warm floors in sleeping rooms

Warm floors are designed for increased comfort lovers, who love to walk home barefoot and wake up in a cozy atmosphere.

The heating system has many advantages compared with central heating and is available, which is important.

Technical features underfloor heating bedroom

Modern construction technologies allowmake sure that the underfloor heating system can replace the central heating in the home. In this case, the surface of which will affect the heating should be not less than 70% of the entire area. When a dense arrangement of furniture in the room to observe this condition is impossible.

If in the future it is planned a large number of items on the floor, then this option will not work and will have to find other ways of heating the room.

Stack pipe is not necessarily over the whole areabedroom, you can pre-define the places where there will be a large furniture (bed, wardrobe), and in these places do not insulate floors. Change the location of the major components of the system after the installation is not recommended. Either act contrary to decide exactly where you need heating and insulate these areas.
Recommended power density for floor heatingadditional heating installed must be 110-140 W / m2, it will maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom during the cold season and off-season. For the main source of heat, this figure should be 150 W / m2.
Heated floor power should depend on which floor is the master bedroom.
First floor. It is office location closer to the ground, so the power should be increased to the normal state. Another important factor is the presence of a cold basement. On average, the figure is 140 W / m2.
The second floor and above. It is also necessary to calculate the power of a comfortable, compared with the first floor, it will be less. Recommended value - 120 W / m2.

Typically, underfloor heating temperature is 26 degrees, but on request it is possible to vary and set the desired temperature range.

Methods of laying a floor

After the approval of the heated area and power can be laid floor.
Standard floor laying comprises the following steps:
- Insulation pola-
- Reinforcing Mesh-
- A lining tube
- concrete screed-
- Finish flooring.

Useful tips that should be taken into account during the work

After installing the pipe necessary to carry out hydraulic tests of the floor, only then should be poured concrete.
Trial run heating is prohibited until the concrete is not completely harden. The rate of drying screed depends on its thickness.
When installing underfloor heating under wood or laminate, the maximum temperature for use should be 27 degrees, if you give more coverage rassohnetsya or "lead".

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