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How to conduct a videoconference

How to conduct a videoconference

To conduct a videoconference is important to a few things. It is necessary to adjust the equipment correctly.

It is also important to organize everything well, making sure that all the other participants of the conference's all right with the sound and video.



Prepare for a serious start a videoconferencenot later than one day. Check the equipment if it works? To do a test video call. Do not put off testing equipment for the evening, it is best to hold it in the morning. If you suddenly show up the problem, then during the day you will be able to cope with them: contact with the technicians and instruct them to solve the problem.


Prepare the meeting room. Install the camera so that the light from directly hitting her. Check the quality of the image. It is best to hold the conference in artificial light, since the intensity of the daylight entering through windows, much depends on the weather. Including lighting, you can set the camera to the next day, just turn it on, do not worry about this issue.


Connect a microphone and make sure that the sound is, andhe was good enough. You may need to adjust the microphone equalizer to remove hiss or whistle. Make it in advance, do not delay the day of the conference. Make sure that everything is working. Adjust the microphone volume level so that you can safely say, without raising his voice, and all the participants have heard excellent.


Make sure in any case invite Applianceson the videoconference. If nevertheless something fails (because anything can happen), it will help to resolve the problem quickly. The most common cause of breakdowns and problems in video conferences - this is all sorts of technical problems.


A few minutes before the conference check all the equipment again. Perhaps we should call in advance to participants, to make sure that they, too, everything is in order.


Follow the video conferencing etiquette. First of all, imagine all the participants. If a conference is multi-threaded, then assign the chairman, who will be giving the floor to speakers, monitoring the process, so that all did not try to talk at the same time in each group.


Remember that you as the conference chairpersonYou are in the spotlight. In negotiating the people around you do not have, but there is a camera, so watch your behavior and gestures. If you want to turn off the sound to reduce the noise, warn the other parties. If communication with any problems, keep calm and smile. No need to be nervous.

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