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How to conduct a return at the box office

How to make a return at the box office

There are often situations in the economic activities of the organization, which sells goods for cash when a disgruntled customer returns the goods.

These operations need to "hold over the counter", while clearly observing the order of registration of primary documents.

According to the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the buyer has the right to return the product if it suddenly went up in size, configuration, or a style proved to be of poor quality.



If the buyer for one reason or another in theDay gave up and decided to return it to purchase goods in it, then you have to accept it. The acceptance of the goods is documented in the return according to form N-KM 3, where necessary requisites of the cash voucher. Document is drawn up in a single copy and take them to the accounting department. In addition, the form to delivery note (in duplicate). One of them is applied to the commodity to the report, and the other - is given to the buyer and is the basis of getting money from the cash register.


Next on the check, which was previously issued in the same hand, sign, director of the organization (the deputy). Then a check should be pasted on a sheet of paper and pass it to the accounting department.


The amount that the buyer paid for the return of unused cash or a check, write in a book of the cashier-operator. As a result, the amount received decreases the amount of revenue for the day.


If the return is not the day of purchase,A day later, the refund conduct of the organization's main offices, but solely on the basis of a written application from the buyer, indicating their data, and upon presentation of a document that certifies his identity.


If the cashier's check was lost and Returnsoccurs on the day of purchase, remove the fiscal report of cash and fixed the amount of the daily revenue. Then, in the journal report and cashier operatsionnista list the amount of repayment. After that, make a credit order, and hand over the money in the company's cash.


If the return is not the day of purchase,the buyer writes a statement, present a passport, you, in turn, compose and prihoduete consignment goods. The accounting Arrange the account cash warrant, on the basis of which the buyer will get their money back. As a result, the requested operation is performed.

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