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How to refund at the checkout


How to refund at the checkout</a>

Often there are situations in the economic activity of the organization that sells goods for cash, when the dissatisfied buyer returns the goods.

These operations need to be "conducted through the cashier", while clearly following the procedure for issuing primary documents.

According to the law "On protection of consumers' rights", the buyer has the right to return the goods, if he suddenly did not fit the size, configuration, shape or was of poor quality.



If the buyer for some reason already inThe day of purchasing the goods in it was disappointed and decided to return it, then you must accept it. Accept the goods receipt by the act of return in accordance with Form N KM-3, where requisites of the cash receipt are needed. Make a document in one copy and hand it over to the accounts department. In addition, issue a commodity waybill (in duplicate). One of them is attached to the commodity report, and the other is given to the buyer and is the basis for receiving money from the cashier.


Then on the check, which was previously issued in the same box office, sign the director of the organization (deputy). Then the check must be pasted onto a sheet of paper and transferred to the accounting department.


The amount that was paid on the returned purchaser or unused cash register check, write down in the book of the cashier-operator. As a result, the received amount reduces the amount of revenue for a given day.


If the return is not on the day of purchase,And a day later, then return the money from the main cash desk of the organization, but only on the basis of a written application from the buyer, indicating their data, and when presenting a document that certifies his identity.


If the cash receipt was lost and returned goodsOccurs on the day of purchase, then remove the fiscal statement from the cash register and fix the amount of daily revenue. Then in the journal and the report of the cashier-operationalist, write down the amount of money returned. After this, draw up a receipt order, and hand over the money to the firm's cashier.


If the return is not on the day of purchase,Then the buyer writes an application, presents the passport, you, in turn, make up an invoice and the goods arrive. In the accounting department, issue an out-of-pocket cash order, on the basis of which the buyer can get back his money. As a result, the required operation will be performed.

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