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How to conduct a presentation: the secret of success

How to make a presentation: the secret of success

Conducting presentations - one of the types of publicactivities involving demonstration and description of an idea. The need to make a presentation may be related to professional or educational activity.

And in fact, and in another case it is recommended to use common rules of these statements to avoid mistakes and get success.



Spend enough time preparing presentations. First of all, create a plan, which should begin with the presentation of your person and presentation topics. The plan should look like the table of contents in a book. Make your speech: start with an introduction, describing the purpose and urgency of the problem, in the main part concentrate on the main idea, its advantages, characteristics and features, at the end summarize, emphasize once again few important points. The presentation was the main thing - do not what to say, and how. Highlighting important ideas, you should ensure that they sounded clear, simple, clear and at the same time interesting. It is possible for a speech several times to repeat the important point that all caught the message.


Properly prepare slides. Remember that they only have to illustrate your story, but do not describe all of you. Do not put a lot of text in the slides, they are only the visual information for a better listening experience. Your presentation should primarily be interesting narration with correct intonation and expressive gestures. Even interesting pictures fade before the featureless monotonic speech. Instead, the text on the slides, pay attention to the correct selection of images, try to slide as best you can illustrate your presentation clearly demonstrated your idea. You arrange slides using gradient background and the font size medium. Do not put a large table and multi-level lists.


Adapt content for the audience -operates only those terms that the audience understands, and if you have to talk about something new, then explain in detail the value to no doubt in your knowledge. In the story, you can insert a little humor to the presentation was not tiring.


Presentation usually lasts one hour,including technical problems and configuration techniques, answers questions from the audience, and the story itself. The story should last no more than twenty minutes, which lay all the theses and the main points of your presentation. Rehearse the presentation several times.


Through a presentation, do not rush and do not delay. Speak clearly, distinctly and measurably. Watch your tone, focuses on the important details, do not forget about the pauses. Do not read your report, look at the audience and do not turn your back on it. Do not lean on a table or chair. You can move around the room to establish closer contact with the audience. But do not go constantly from side to side, it can only distract them.


At the end of the presentation gave the audience a colorful booklets or CDs with the presentation to confirm his words and leave something in memory. This increases your chances of success.

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