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How to conduct non-cash payment by physical persons to SP

How to make non-cash payment by physical persons to SP

Cashless payments are called, which are carried out by transferring funds from bank accounts without using cash.

There are several ways to transfer money by bank transfer in favor of the SP.

Types and advantages of cashless payments

All cash transactions of the company with customersThey can be carried out either in cash or in the form of non-payment. Non-cash payment can be done in different ways - by means of payment orders, credit cards, checks, promissory notes.

In the western practice is quite widespread payment checks in Russia, the most common payment by bank transfer, cards and e-money (eg, Yandex.Money, WebMoney).

The non-cash transactions involved sellers, buyers and banks (or settlement organizations). Recent perform cashless transactions for a nominal fee.
The advantages of non-cash payments areflexibility operatsiy- availability of bank documents confirming oplatu- decrease in expenses related to the transport of cash. In addition, non-cash payment helps to significantly reduce the time of the payments.

The procedure of calculation

Implementation of non-cash payments in favor of the SP notdifferent from the order of payments to legal persons. Individuals can transfer money via the Internet banking system, either in a bank branch (for example, the Savings Bank).
To wire transfer, the sellerhe can bill you for payment or provide a receipt for payment through the Savings Bank. But it is also possible to create a payment order for the payment by the bank independently. To do this, you must know the following details of the SP, in whose favor the transfer money:
- Legal address - IP for this place propiski-
- INN-
- Name of the bank, which is open at the SP billing counters
- BIC (Bank-recipient's number) -
- Account number of the recipient and correspondent bank account of the recipient.
The payment purpose field, enter, for example,"In favor of SP Ivanova Prepayment 30% for services under Contract number ... of ... 2014 IS" or "Pay ... for Supply Contract number ... of .... 2014 in favor of SP Ivanova IS ".
If the user of internet banking,You can pay for any goods and services without leaving your home. With that, a list of details that need to know the buyer is the same as in the case of payment in a bank.

If the user pays for the goods inonline store, it can be accessed by multiple payment methods through a special payment system. In this case, the buyer has the opportunity to make a payment online in various ways - by credit card, electronic money and so forth.

To SP could accept non-cash payments, it is necessary to be logged in to open your own checking account, payments to a personal account for business purposes is prohibited.

In this case, the buyer does not needto know the details of the recipient of money is enough to indicate its own card details (name and surname of the card holder, its number, date of completion, or code cvv2 cvc2) or virtual purse number.

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