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How to enter into a user agreement


How to enter into a user agreement</a>

One of the varieties of legal documents that regulate the legal relations of software developers, including Internet services, and users is a user agreement.

And although it deals mainly with issues related to high technology, its design and conclusion are in accordance with traditional norms and rules.

The essence of the user agreement

At its core, this is a contract thatBetween two parties: the supplier of online goods and services or the software developer and the consumer of those goods and services or the user of the product. Under the form of a public contract, the design and content of which must comply with the requirements of the Civil Code of the RF to this type of contracts.
Since the object of the contract can be anything thatFrom the online sale of goods, services of social networks or access to computer games before PR campaigns and Internet auctions, all user agreements have their own specifics, taking into account the type of activity. When they are concluded, legislation must be taken into account, for example, in the field of protecting the rights of consumers of goods and services, copyrights, as well as the law on "Rules for the sale of goods by remote means"
Required item of any userAgreement is the mention of the norms of the law on personal data. Since the second party indicates its personal data when registering and concluding a user agreement, their processing should be mentioned in the agreement text as an essential condition.

Conclusion of the user agreement

To exclude the future claims of the consumer,It is necessary to describe with the maximum degree of detail the working conditions of your online store or service, to provide for all the controversial points that may arise. Please note that consumers are protected more than the seller by law, which restricts their rights when concluding contracts. The agreement concluded by placing a public offer on the Internet, which contains conditions that exclude or limit the seller's liability for the quality of the proposed goods, will be declared invalid.
When concluding an agreement, you must provideThe second party information about the technical and operational characteristics of the product, its manufacturer and place of manufacture, the full name of the seller, the cost and terms of purchase, specify the conditions for its delivery, specify the terms of service, validity and operation of the guarantee. In order for the Agreement to be recognized as valid, upon its conclusion, the user must be notified of the procedure for payment for the goods and the period during which the offer to enter into the user agreement remains in force.

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