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How to sign the user agreement

One variety of legal documents regulating legal relations of software developers, including Internet services, and users - a user agreement.

And although it concerns mainly issues related to high technology, its design and the conclusion occur in accordance with the traditional rules and regulations.

The essence of the User Agreement

At its core is a contract, which isbetween the two parties: the provider of online goods and services, or a software developer and a consumer of goods and services or the user of the product. In form it is a public contract, the design and content of which shall comply with the requirements of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation to this kind of agreements.
Since the object of the contract may be all thateverything - from the online sale of goods, social networking services or access to computer games prior to the PR-actions, and online auctions, all user agreements have their own specifics, takes into account the type of activity. At the conclusion of their legislation should be considered, for example, in the field of protection of rights of consumers of goods and services, copyright and the law on "Rules for the sale of goods remote way" and so forth.
Mandatory items of any userAgreement is the mention of the rules on personal data law. Since the registration and the conclusion of the user agreement the other party indicates their personal data, their treatment should be mentioned in the text of the agreement as an essential condition.

Conclusion User Agreement

To exclude the future claims of the consumer,must be a maximum degree of detail to describe the working conditions of your online store or service, provide all the contentious issues that may arise. Keep in mind that consumers are more than the seller are protected by law, which restricts its rights to conclude contracts. The agreement concluded by placing a public offer on the Internet, which contains conditions that exclude or limit the liability of the seller for the quality of the goods offered, will be declared invalid.
At the conclusion of the agreement, you are required to providethe second side of the information on technical and operational characteristics of the product, its manufacturer and the place of manufacture, the full name of the vendor, cost and terms of purchase of the goods, specify the conditions of delivery, specify the service life, and the life of the warranty. The agreement was found to be valid, at its conclusion the user should be notified about the order of payment for the goods and the period during which the proposal for the conclusion of the user agreement remains in force.

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