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How to conclude a lease agreement

How to conclude a lease agreement

Rent - One of the most common types of commercial contracts related to the disposal of property.

The rent can be transmitted non-consumable items and individually defined.

This means that the properties of things should not deteriorate during the use and can be distinguished from other similar items.

For the disposal of the property should have legal documents, those that affirm the right of ownership.



In the case of rental real estate,it is important to remember the following key points. It is necessary to accurately determine the room (or part of the room), which is transferred to the lessee, for this plan is recommended to allocate the color of the object, or specify the assigned room number, specify the area.


Make a real estate lease agreement handcan independently, based on a sample contract. However, please know that the rental property for a term exceeding one year, subject to registration in Rosreestra bodies. a set of documents and paid the state duty is provided for registration of the lease.


Be sure to make the act of reception and transmission facilities, as confirmed by the actual performance of the contract and the transfer of the lease payments payable.

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