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How to conclude a rental agreement


How to conclude a rental agreement</a>

Rent - one of the most common types of economic contracts associated with the disposal of property.

Things that are not consumed and individually determined can be leased out.

This means that the properties of a thing should not deteriorate in the process of use and it can be distinguished among other similar things.

To dispose of property it is necessary to have title documents, those that confirm the ownership.



In case of renting out real estate,It is important to remember the following key points. It is necessary to accurately determine the room (or part of the room) that is transferred to the tenant, for this purpose it is recommended to highlight the object to be transferred in the color or to indicate the assigned room number and specify the area.


To formalize the lease of the real estate of the partyCan independently, taking as a basis the sample contract. However, you need to know that renting real estate for a period of more than one year is subject to registration with Rosreestr authorities. To register a lease, a set of documents is provided and a state fee is paid.


The act of acceptance and transfer of the premises is mandatory, since the actual performance of the contract is confirmed and the lease payments are payable from the moment of transfer.

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