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How to crimp the wire


How to crimp the wire</a>

If you needed to establish a local connection between computers, use one of the most common communication cables? Twisted pair.

When there is no such cable near the hand, and the matter is urgent, and besides, its purchase will take a considerable part of the time? Try to make such a cable at home.

This procedure, according to the technical process is not complicated.

But it will require additional knowledge in this matter.

You will need

  • Tool set for crimping the cable



In order to compress the twisted pair (to connect the twisted pair to the plug), you will need:

- Stripping device (stripper) -

- Crimping pliers (similar to a plier) -

- standard cable tester-

- wire? Twisted pair? -

- RJ-45 standard plug.

How to crimp the wire


With a stripping device, cut the outer sheath of the cable? Twisted pair ?. Incise should be at a distance of 3 cm from the edge.

How to crimp the wire


The cut-off insulation must be removed. Twist the pairs and distribute them according to the colors indicated on one of the diagrams of the attached drawing.

How to crimp the wire


Then align the wires. Squeeze tightly the conductors. Using a knife, remove excess parts of the conductors, while leaving the weave about 1 cm.

How to crimp the wire


After aligning the conductors, attach the plug to theAs follows: the sections of the conductors must reach the end of the hollows. The cable sheath must be pulled out by the locking latch, bring the cable to the stop.

How to crimp the wire


Again, check the order of the conductors tabBy colors. After checking, put the plug in the crimp until it stops. Then tighten both crimping tool handles. It is necessary to squeeze until the fork snaps into place (you will hear a characteristic sound). The most important thing ? This is the control of the blades that hold the knives. Take care that they do not move past the contacts, because This will cause the fork to completely skew.

How to crimp the wire


Take out the finished crimped cable and visually look at the quality of the connection: if everything is in order, then you can start making a patch cord.

How to crimp the wire


Patch cord ? This is a twisted pair cable?, In which the wire is crimped from both sides. To make it, you need to do the same thing you did before, but on the other end of the twisted pair cable.

How to crimp the wire

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