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How to compress a movie to disk

How to compress a movie to disk

Currently, the Internet can find almost any movie, and you will be given a choice in a variety of recording quality options, audio tracks, subtitles and other materials.

However, the film may be recorded in a large file, and you need to save it in your collection, writing to the disk.



If in the case of office documents, such asWord documents and Excel spreadsheets, we can simply back up, reducing the volume, with the media files do not get. Just as music files, video can not be compressed in size, using standard office tools.


In order to compress the movie to disk size, youyou should use a media converter program. With the converter, you can reduce file movie to the size you want? whether it's a CD, DVD5 or DVD9. You can select one of the programs such as Zune Converter, Super C, Format Factory, Windows Move Maker or similar.


Running Zune Converter, Super C or FormatFactory you will need to add to the program file, and then in the final configuration file to select options you need. In addition to the format you can also select the video resolution and sound settings. The programs have friendly interface, and the user does not have problems with the conversion. Having set the required parameters, you can compress the original file to the disk size.


If you decide to use Windows programMove Maker, open the program and select the? Import video ?. Enter the path to your file and click? OK ?. The Import window. Press? Cancel? and wait until the film appear in the main window. If the program has managed to divide it into multiple clips, select them all and drag it to the bottom panel.


Now select the menu item? File? -?Save Movie File ?. In the Save Movie Wizard window that opens, select the? My Computer ?, and specify a location on your computer where you want to save the movie to the next stage. In the next window you will be prompted to select the recording quality. Press? Show advanced options ?, and enter the desired size of the final file size of the corresponding disk. After you click? Next ?, begin the conversion process.

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