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How to write a letter to the prosecutor

How to write a letter to the prosecutor

Law "On Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation" this institution is represented by a wide range of powers to oversee compliance with the law in almost all spheres of our life.

The objects of supervision can be any activity of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, government agencies, etc.



When you become aware of factsviolation of legally protected rights, freedoms and interests, or the interests of the citizen and society and the state, you have the right to appeal in this regard to the prosecutor of the respective district, city, etc. And the prosecutor's office, in turn, you have to check the reported information, and to take all measures within their competence in order to eliminate violations.


No law establishes the requirements for the form andthe content of such treatment (except, of course, that it should not contain information defamatory, obscene language, etc.), so it made in any form. In drawing up the letter to the prosecutor, use the following guidelines.


As required by the rules of business letters in the rightupper right corner of his conversion, specify the name of the prosecutor's authority, as well as office and name of its leader. As a rule, written requests are directed to the official name, which is then assigned specific artists responsible for carrying out verification of your treatment. Here you select your details (name and place of residence).


Below, in the middle of the line, there is an appeal: "Dear Ivan!". Just enter the letters in the text: who and how violated your rights and interests or the rights and interests of others, please provide all of the information about violations of the law, which it considers necessary. For example, "I am the owners of the apartment number 33 House 56, located on ul. Ignatyuk Izhevsk. In violation of the law on the provision of public services of "Mounting-system" that serves our house has stopped the supply of hot water in the period from 10.08.11 till the present time. In my written and oral treatment of employees said the organization did not respond. "


In conclusion, state your request and makea reference to the law on the prosecutor's office: "Guided by Art. 10 of the Federal Law "On Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation" dated 17.01.1992, the № 2202-1, I ask you to inspect upon termination of hot water and take measures to eliminate the violation of my rights and legitimate interests. "


In the bottom of the sign, date, enter the contact phone number. The letter can be taken to the office of the prosecutor's office, sent by post or transmit personal reception at the head.

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