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How to write a letter in English

How to write a letter in English

The rules of correspondence has its subtleties and nuances of the English language.

And if in a personal letter the rules can be ignored, it is unacceptable for the business paper.

Therefore, to study abroad is a letter to the structure of the English written communication with colleagues and partners.



In the upper right corner of your email address forinternational standards, i.e. starting with streets, houses and apartments (office) numbers, then enter the city, state, zip code and country. Below, put a date completely. After a couple of blank lines bring the message recipient address in the same order. The British traditionally addresses the house number is placed before the street name (permissible both).


Title and introductory phrase
If you do not know the letter recipient, write DearSir / Madam, otherwise consume Dear Mr./Mrs. Smith (in the formal style) or Dear David (if the recipient of the message you well know). After treatment put a comma, the introductory phrase start with a new line of small letters. In the first line you need to specify the reason for his conversion: When prompted, reminder, request, etc.


The main part of the short and precisely state the purposemessages: discuss details of the agreement, to recall the terms of delivery / payment, to provide a price list to order and so on. At this point, may be used such a cliche:

I am writing to inform you that - I write to you to inform that ...

Enclosed is - Enclosed ...

Please contact me - please contact me ...

I look forward to your reply / further cooperation - with the reliability of your fast reply / forward to working ...

Thank you for your answer - Thanks for your response.


At the end of the letter it to use the polite form:

Yours Faithfully - Sincerely ...

Sincerely - My compliments ...

Best regards - Best Regards ...

Put a comma and a new line write your name. In a letter to the paper, leave room for a handwritten signature.

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