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How to write a letter in English


How to write a letter in English</a>

The rules of correspondence in English have their own subtleties and nuances.

And if in a personal letter the rules can be neglected, then for business paper this is unacceptable.

Therefore, for written communication with colleagues and partners abroad it is worth studying the structure of the letter in English.



In the upper right corner write your address byInternational standards, i. Starting with the street, house and apartment numbers (office), then specify the city, region, zip code and country. Below, put the date in full. After a couple of blank lines, give the address of the recipient of the letter in the same order. In British addresses, the house number is traditionally placed before the name of the street (both are acceptable).


Appeal and introductory phrase
If the addressee of the letter is not known to you, write DearSir / Madam, otherwise use Dear Mr./Mrs. Smith (within the formal style) or Dear David (if the recipient of the letter is familiar to you). After the treatment, put a comma, the opening phrase begins with a new line with a small letter. In the first line, you need to specify the reason for your request: response to a request, reminder, request, etc.


In the main part, briefly and accurately state the goalMessages: discuss the details of the agreement, remind about the delivery / payment terms, provide a price list, make an order and so on. In this clause such cliches can be used:

I am writing to inform you that ...

Enclosed is - Attached to the letter ...

Please contact me - Please contact me ...

I look forward to your reply / further cooperation - From reliable to your early reply / for further cooperation ...

Thank you for your answer - Thanks for your answer.


At the end of the letter, use the form of politeness:

Yours Faithfully - Regards ...

Sincerely - My respect ...

Best regards - Best regards ...

Put a comma and write your name on the new line. In a paper letter, leave a place for the handwritten signature.

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