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How to write a letter

How to write a letter

Registration of business correspondence, many firms are paying not much attention. You can often see that a serious letter and related correspondence printed on ordinary white A4 paper.

At the same time few people know that the policies of this kind of documentation is regulated by GOST R.30-2003.

Although this standard are recommended, their use will give your letters a serious and businesslike.



official letter it is desirable to be on the letterheadorganization. Letterhead with business cards and mailing envelope is an element of corporate identity. It is decorated in a special way a sheet of paper coated with a details of the organization. Depending on the design letterhead may include the following elements:
? Logo firm-
? Company name-
? Details: address of the organization, bank details, contact information-
? Graphic elements of corporate stilya-
? Date and registration number of the documentation
? Title of the document (order, order) -
? Text box documentation
? Footer.


In the upper right corner of the official letterindicate the addressee. They can serve organizations, institutions, individuals and legal entities. In this case the name of the organization or its structural unit indicated in the nominative case, and the position of the person to whom the document is addressed - in the dative. For example: Company Electricity?
Chief financial Officer


The main text of the letter may include a variety of tables and profiles. However, most official letter It consists mainly of the text portion. The text is usually divided into two parts. The first point to various reasons, the grounds and the purpose of drawing up the letter, in the second - solutions, conclusions, requests, suggestions, recommendations.


ends official letter respective signatures of the persons on whose behalf it is written. This specifies the name of the persons who signed the document and their personal signatures with details (initials and surname).

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