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How to compose a ditty

How to compose a ditty

Clockwork and naughty couplets were composed by the Russian people since ancient times. I do not lost this genre of Russian folk art and its relevance in modern times.

So how do you compose a ditty that she was sonorous and interesting?



Consider the theme of their future ditties. Most often, they are dedicated to ridicule someone or something can be and ditties, flirting, etc. zazyvaniya In essence, rhyme - a little short succinct statement in verse form, often caustic and funny.


Choose the main character (or characters) of theirrhymes. It can be as animated a person (for example, a tractor driver Bob) and an inanimate object (such as a bowl of soup). "Oh, a plate supochka! It pickled mushrooms. Soup came out one hundred percent! The guests who? You are welcome!"


Think of the characteristics of your main character couplets. What is it? How do you want to show it in his work? From what side?
For example: "Bob, our - accordion, broad-shouldered and very clever! He put on his shoulders - once I lost my voice! "


Pick rhyming couplets to the chief said,try to make them funny. Sometimes it is useful in a kind laugh at themselves or friends on the problems and fears. In addition, the ditties develop quick thinking and mental acuity.


Try to compose impromptu ditties, notgrind them. It has long been the custom in Russia, so that rhyme - Clitocybe, composing on the go, it could be an endless half-joking dialogue between barely even acquaintances or even strangers, for assessing the quality of the mind and the other interlocutor.


Do not try to use profanityin their chastushkas. Although some authors seek to express their feelings in words like ditty, these creations are popular not all.


Be creative your artwork without regard to whateverIn any case the laws of the genre. Compliance with strict rules on the size and content of the rhyme rhymes is not installed. Do not be afraid to show their inner emotions and feelings, do not hesitate to think outside the box.


Perform their ditties without musical accompaniment, or a balalaika - a tool used since ancient times to accompany poetic wit.

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