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Complications of appendicitis

Complications of appendicitis

Appendicitis is a disease that can quickly progress to human death.

Without early treatment develop complicated forms of the disease, which is associated with the peculiarities of the development of inflammatory processes in organs.

Acute appendicitis with peritonitis

Inflammation extends to the peritoneum andIt occurs 3-4 days after the perforation of the appendix. Soreness at the same time begin to spread in the stomach. In patients with marked abdominal distention, severe pain, delayed stool and gas. At the same time the skin is gray-green, there is some anxiety in the patient. At the same time the body temperature can exceed 39oS, and heart rate can reach more than 120 beats per minute. Against the background of the disease the patient pressure gradually drops due to peritonitis. It starts accumulation of liquids and gases in the intestine.

The emergence of infiltration

Further consequences are in educationappendicular infiltration that occurs due to inflammation and organ adhesions subsequent to each other. After 2-3 days, the tumor becomes more dense and it soldered omentum, bowel loops and all the closely spaced bodies. During complications the patient feels is satisfactory, and the temperature is kept in the region of 37.5 - 37,8oS. On palpation the doctor can determine the dense infiltration, which may gradually move into an abscess.

Patients with fever, leukocytosis develops and there is a general intoxication.

Abscess, pylephlebitis, intestinal fistulas

When this complication occurs pus,which is not strong is accompanied by abdominal pain, temperature rise and discomfort in the gut. In this case the patient has a frequent urge to defecate, and diarrhea with mucus, swelling of the mucous membrane of the anus. Urination also frequent, often there is a delay. Treat complication better as quickly as possible, otherwise it will cause more serious consequences.
Pylephlebitis is the next stage in acuteappendicitis, followed by purulent hepatitis begins. Pain in the right upper quadrant are intermittent, there is an increase in temperature (up to 40ºC), chills. On palpation can determine painful liver. It begins to show jaundice has a high leukocytosis. At the same time the patient is in very serious condition.

complications of treatment is adjusted individually according to the patient's condition.

Another serious complication is the emergence ofintestinal fistula, which appear due to the destruction of intestinal loops or organ damage during the operation. Symptoms of intestinal obstruction have also been observed. 10% of cases are fatal fistula formation.

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