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How to completely remove the driver

How to completely remove the driver

Driver? a set of compiled files in the program for a particular device.

This program, if properly installed and according to the manufacturer and model of the device for which the driver is meant Microsoft Windows provides access to the device.

Without drivers, the majority of modern devices not recognized of Windows.



In some situations, for example in removinginternal device or conflict between two identical devices by function, as well as updating the drivers you want to remove old driver of the hardware from the operating system.
Removing the driver comes Managerdevice management. To access the Device Manager, run the? Control Panel? through the main menu? Start? or in a folder? My Computer ?. Click in the window control panel view mode? Small icons? or? large icons? and proposed to start from the label, select the? Device Manager ?.


In Device Manager, for more convenientmove all the devices on the equipment ordered by categories. In the resulting Manager, select the device whose driver you want to delete permanently, for example, the video card is in the category? Adapters ?. Now right-click on the device, and select from the context menu? Properties ?.


In the resulting window, click the Properties tab?Driver? and press the bottom button? Remove ?. Perhaps, the screen will appear the dialog box, depending on the device drivers that you are removing. When appears on the screen asking you to confirm complete removal of the driver, click Yes? or? OK ?.

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