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How to complete the process

How to complete the process

Any legal process is completed pleadings. Most lawyers concurs that this is the most responsible, important and difficult part of the trial.

That is why you need to get ready for him.

You will need

  • All materials on the case.



Preparing for the debate at the final stage processa
Gather all the materials on the case and place them in the bag, spreading them so that they can be easy to find and get. This is important, because processie they you may need at any time.


Prepare a speech. If you want to cope again with the special literature, and study all materials of the case. It should prepare tezisno. It is unlikely that you will be able to stick to all written text word for word. Remember that during the debate a great role is played by the ability to improvise.


Choose the appropriate clothing. Your appearance will play a significant role in the debate.


Talk with the person whose interests are in court yourepresent. Perhaps he wants to speak in the debate. If this is the defendant, it has no right to the last word. From the last word will also depend a lot. Instruct the defendant that should say and what not to say.


Prepare answers to possible questions that you will ask the defendant or the judge in the debate.


During the debate, you must listen carefully opponent to then use counterarguments in a replica, which is pronounced only after the Parties.

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