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How to Complete COD

How to Complete COD

If you need to send a parcel or a parcel COD - make it pretty easy.

It is enough to come to the nearest post office, package sending, fill in the form and pay the COD delivery services.

You will need

  • -form-
  • -a pen.



Take in the appropriate box (send and issuing postal) mail by the employee separation form COD. In the first line (arrow 1) in capital letters fill in the amount of the declared value. In the second line (arrow 2) is also in uppercase - the amount of COD. In the "To" field (arrow 3), specify the name and middle name (no abbreviations, in the genitive case) a person who sends a package. Then the index and full address (arrows 4 and 5), which includes the republic, region, city, street, number home, housing and apartments. For example: the republic of Komi, Priluzskiy district,. Obyachevo Str. d.45 Liberty. Depending on the place of residence, in some cases sufficient to indicate only the city, street, house number, case number, apartment, and when you send in a small village - the village name, surname, name and patronymic of the recipient.


After filling in data about the destination, go toinstructions of your data. The string "From" (arrow 6) Write your name, first name and patronymic in the genitive case. The next line (arrow 7) enter the code and address, fully coincides with what is indicated in your passport on the page "place of residence". The line below - sign it, thus confirming that there is nothing in the parcel prohibited goods, as well as what you are aware of the requirements for packaging.


In the lower part formand placed in the box, enter the amountthe declared value and the amount of COD figures, both amounts must be the same. Next, enter the data once again the "To": surname, first name, without abbreviations and in the genitive case, the full address and the index. All other fields are filled unfilled employee mail department. After receiving notice of admission on his sending name, the recipient will have to pay the amount specified in forme (COD amount), so that he was given a parcel.

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