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Comparison of Siding under a log house and a block. What's better?

Compare Siding under a log house and a block. What's better?

Facade materials designed not only to decorate the house, but also to provide additional thermal, acoustic and waterproofing.

Previously, the only alternative to wood in this area was metal, now the appearance of plastic greatly expanded assortment of construction materials.

So, to block a house made of wood is now competes under the plastic siding log.

To understand what is better, it is necessary to compare the properties of these materials.

Differences in appearance

Supporters wooden house in the first blockall point to the texture of the noble wood, its originality and aesthetics. However, manufacturers of siding that simulates the beam, have learned to attach the plastic texture of wood - from a distance with the naked eye is difficult to determine what is still adorns the facade - the natural or plastic siding with imitation. So the external differences between the two materials are not essential.

The test for flammability

The tree is known for its fire behavior,while the vinyl siding of which produce a beam, is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -50 to + 50 ° C without deformation, and further heating is not lit, and melted. But everything is not so clear. When the deformation of a small portion of the panel will have to replace the entire panel, while in physical block a house is sufficient to replace only the damaged timber. In addition, in compliance with all building codes wooden materials compulsorily treated with special impregnation, which significantly reduces the risk of fire.

Mechanical strength vinyl siding and a block house

If you compare the wood and plastic, woodmaterial can serve for many years without the loss of strength and appearance, with proper drying course, handling and stacking. PVC Siding is also quite resistant and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, but it quickly loses its appearance: from water, sand, wind, temperature changes, he cracks, fades, loses top decorative layer. The strength of the panel is not affected, but the aesthetic is negated.

One advantage of plastic material - any possibility to give it texture, whereas when log processing always focuses on the allocation of natural fibers.

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The protective properties of PVC panels and natural house unit

Wood perfectly holds heat, has highhygienic properties. It does not allow excessive moisture to penetrate into the house, at the same time does not create the greenhouse effect, allowing the house to "breathe". However, modern synthetic materials with proper combination with a smaller thickness show good insulating properties, if under the plastic siding put mineral wool, the house will receive additional insulation: 5 cm of this material is comparable to 25 cm of solid wood.

To a tree does not lose its appearance, enough time in a few years to cover it with varnish.

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And finally, the main difference between the Hausa and the blockSiding under a log - this is the price. Plastic is much cheaper in the operation does not require regular painting, although in this case loses its shape. But when you install siding require special profiles and additional elements, we must add to this the cost of insulating material. The final price depends on the architectural design, the number of openings, size of the house and many other factors. As a result, under the plastic timber can be more natural block-house.

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