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How to make a firm

How to make a firm

For the self-employed activity, you can either become self-employed, or to register a legal entity, that is to make a company.

The second way is more rational if for the activities require additional staff.

You will need

  • legal address, the founding documents, the authorized capital



Decide on activities forthe implementation of which would like to make a company. From what kind of activities depends on which path to follow. Closed Joint Stock Company (JSC) and the Limited Liability Company (LLC)? one way, Open Joint Stock Company (JSC)? other. In the second case, the activity will involve the issue of shares and requires significant financial assets. Consider registering LLC.


Set out to find a legal address. If you already have it? well, if not? find out where it is possible to rent in your city. As a rule, it is not difficult and does not cost a lot of money, but as long as you do not decide the legal address, will not be able to choose the area in which you do company.


Decide what you will have authorized capital. By the way, it can be made either in cash (in fact) and the property (nominally). If, for example, as an authorized capital you make the computer account of its base cost. Computer and will be at your home or office as standing, but the number? owned by the company.


Make the Charter and other founding documents? Minutes of the meeting of founders, decision on the establishment of the company, Decree on the appointment of directors and others. The Charter should begin with the general provisions. It further spells out the objectives and activities. It is sure to be reflected company property. Do not forget all clearly defined with respect to the share capital. Draw much detail as possible the rights and obligations of participants. Even if your company one founder? you still have to do it. Also describe the procedure for the transfer of the share capital, the output member of a Limited Liability Company, management rules in the firm. The last part of the Charter? conditions of reorganization and liquidation of company.


Register your business in that area, whichselected. Then you need to order prints, obtain statistical codes, register the company with the tax authorities, pension fund and social insurance fund. Do not forget to dig a bank account. Legal person can rarely exist without the account, although it is not forbidden by law.

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