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How to communicate with parents

How to communicate with parents

Parents do not choose. Therefore, when there are problems in communication with the parents, they have to either decide or temporarily refrain from meetings.

But it cease contact with them - it means to give up a very important part of your life.

Therefore it is better to change the situation, to restore confidence and understanding, improve relations with their relatives.



Start with yourself. It is possible you have any resentment toward your parents' claims to them, feeling that once you were treated unfairly. Sorry it to your family and try to forget all the accumulated negativity. This will allow you to start to build a relationship from the beginning and do it with an open heart.


Try to give your parents all the tenderness andI love what you can. They can not fail to notice this and do not respond to you the same. Try to give more than you want to receive. Try to understand your family, to support them in word and deed, interested in their health, problems in life. If your relationship before it was multi-year ice, the first response from family can be negative, even inadequate. It's not terrible, over time, the ratio of native to you will begin to change for the better.


Try to communicate more often with your parents,call them, visit them. Most often tell them that you love them, hug them and kiss. For them it is more important than even the expensive gifts on holidays. Be always sociable, friendly and cheerful. Parents will see that you communicate with them brings joy and pleasure. This way you can "cure" even the most sophisticated and spoiled relations.


A frequent cause of quarrels between parents andolder children is the desire to moms and dads to fully control the lives of their children and to manipulate it. In this case, you have to separate your privacy and personal space from his father and mother, not to give them a chance to terrorize you. At the same time, continue to take care of them, to express their love to visit them. And so the process of "separation" from the parents of your life has not led to numerous scandals, treat them as a doctor to treat a patient: calm and friendly, but at the same firm, not reacting to provocation.


Learn to listen to the views of parents. Very often there is a conflict, when the parents are not in agreement with your opinion, are simply trying to convey to you his experience. In this case it is better to listen to their opinions, analyze it, try to work out a compromise between your wishes and the recommendations of the older generation. In any conflict situation, try to maintain a reasoned argument based on logical conclusions, examples, facts, not on emotions. And do not lie to your parents. When the truth emerges, they will realize that you're not up to the end of the trust.

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