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How to communicate with God?

How to communicate with God?

There are different ways of establishing contact with God.

Choose the right for you, or use a few.

The need for communication with the Supreme accompaniedmankind throughout the history of its existence. Many people are dissatisfied with the narrow limits of the usual material life, and the lives of our time. Philosophers, saints, hermits, ascetics, priests of all religions, and ordinary believers - all, anyway, recognize the presence of God. And not only acknowledge, but try to know him, to contact him, find the thread connecting with him, or, at least, to turn to him with various requests.
The need for knowledge of God lies deep in oursoul and can wake up at certain times of life. Each comes this need is expressed and experienced unique individual way.

One of the characteristic way of expressingthe need to establish contact with the Supreme is the dissatisfaction of ordinary human life. A person may be all that can dream of everyman: a good family, work, financial well-being and health. Only the person all is not happy, there is a longing for something else and nothing will be able to appease it. And he can not find a hobby or other activity that would change his restlessness. Calming and meaning found only in the spiritual quest.
In some cases, a person can realize thisneed, living very difficult or tragic situations in their lives. Then there is an abrupt reassessment of values ​​and no longer meet the usual and ordinary hobbies and occupation. they can in an instant seem small and insignificant compared to what - that is not already open, and only begins to emerge.
There are many ways to establish a connection.

1. Find a teacher.
Communicating with a person who has achieved more in thespiritual field is a very important part of your personal advancement. From whom you imitate, and someone goes on, it depends very much. Master transmits not only their knowledge and share methods, but also conveys the most important thing - its internal state! In religious literature describes many examples when the student understands the very deep knowledge, just being close to the teacher.
Teacher may be a person who himself has established a connection with God, and is willing to share his wisdom and knowledge with others.
But here many seekers awaitnumerous dangers. The credibility of the person who is adept at self-serving manipulations can lead to dire consequences for the seeker. Finding his teacher - the cornerstone of spiritual quest.
Listen to your feelings. Communicating with a true teacher should arouse joy and inspiration to change their lives for the better.
Look for other students yourpotential teachers. In the Gospel, Jesus recommended by their fruits distinguish the true from the false doctrine. Develop any other students positive qualities? Get there a wise and loving? How to change their lives?

2; Study literature addressing issues of the knowledge of God.
Now the sea of ​​literature can be found in storesspirituality, psychology, psychic, the development of super-powers, etc. Not every book can be recommended to study this important issue. Many of them can sidetrack, especially those written by contemporary authors with the aim of rapid enrichment.
There are proven sources, guiding employeesa beacon for generations of seekers:. Gospel, Lives of the Saints, the Christian doctrine of the righteous, the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas, etc. These sources provide detailed information about the spiritual quest, allow to know the essence of the relationships that must bind a man with supreme principle.
3; the holy places of Trip.
In every religion there are very honored place,who want to visit the believers. Stay close to the shrines creates aspiration to God, strengthen contact with Him, purified from worldly states. In some cases, visiting such places and appeal to a saint associated with them, can contribute to cure complex diseases and solve problems.
4, Establish communications with God.
Every religion or religious traditionIt offers its purely her inherent methods of spiritual work. This individual and collective prayer, religious chants and meditation. In some traditions, uses unusual for us to establish the state of prayer. For example, the Sufi tradition uses for this kind of whirling, shamans used dance and the sounds of musical instruments, and in India you can learn about hundreds of ways of meditation.
For our Orthodox tradition more common prayer - sincere appeal to God as a way to get closer to Him.
To establish a relationship with God is important way you regularly you selected. Persistent link does not arise from performing rituals from case to case, and work enough constant efforts.
If you are in your heart to seek communion with God, then, without a doubt, you will find a perfect way to realize this desire. Also, you can ask God to show you the way.
Good luck on your way to the knowledge of God!

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