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How to communicate on Skype

How to communicate on Skype

Today, people live among machines. Normal human communication takes a back seat.

Although the Internet and computers provide an unprecedented opportunity - free video calling via Skype, seeing loved ones from a distance is still difficult.



The main difficulty lies in the fact that not allYour friends and family may be registered in Skype, especially close to you people of the older generation. So tell them about all the advantages of this wonderful program!


Distribute close communication with your nickname (login) in Skype or find themselves in their search program. Add desired interlocutors to his contacts.


Find out in advance what the speed of the Internet connection in your prospective interviewees. If data transfer is less than 128 kbit / s, communicate audio-only - the video will slow down.


To communicate with partners or colleaguesIt is an important document procedures. Skype is perfect for this role. To send a file, take a look at the area of ​​text messages (it is located at the bottom of the screen) and click on the "Attach a file". Select a document located on your hard drive or removable media, and send the other party (do not forget to sign in the message that it is sending).


If you have lots of friends and you want to communicate withall and as quickly as possible, use the option "Videookonferentsiya". To do this, start to talk to one of the friends, and as the flow of conversation, press the button "Add an interlocutor to the conversation" in your contacts list, suggesting another person's name. It is recommended to add to the conference call up to 5 people, otherwise you may start with communication problems and unnecessary noise.

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