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COMBINED and French manicure


Combined and French manicure</a>

Manicure is a procedure that takes care of your nails. Allows them to lead to a good state.

With regular use, cope with brittle, nail bundle.

Makes them healthier and more robust.

You will need

  • Choose the right manicure for you.



Combined manicure. It combines different prims. Cuticles are treated with scissors, then forceps. Simultaneously, an emollient is used. Used trays with various nutritional and healing oils. All these procedures help to strengthen the nails and moisturize the hands.
Who to do this kind of manicure. It can be used by everyone.
The cost of a combined manicure is 650 rubles.


French manicure. Its feature is an unconventional covering of nails. The main part of the nail is painted in pearl color. The edge is emphasized with white lacquer. You can use a silvery and golden hue. The main can be not only pearly, all light shades will suit.
Who to do this kind of manicure. This kind of manicure is shown to people with thin oval nails, thin fingers. If you have a different form of hands, the French manicure will shorten your fingers.
The cost of a manicure is about 380 rubles.


At any kind of manicure there are dangerous moments. The most basic is getting the infection. Make sure that new, sterile tools are used in the salon. Log in beforehand to this procedure and learn more about the wizard. Do not go to the first salon.

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