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How to combine work at home and work with a child


How to combine work at home and work with a child</a>

Young mothers who are sitting with their children at home, I would like to have time to do a little more than it turns out. It would be desirable also for the kid to pay attention, and to provide an order in a dwelling, and on itself it is necessary to leave time.

A very small child sleeps for a long time, and you can spread the time for everything.

But when the cub grows up, it needs much more attention, and the periods of sleep all decrease.

If you need to wash the dishes in the kitchen or somethingCook, the baby can be placed closer to yourself - for example, in an arena or a highchair. Pick up such toys in advance, which can take him for a long time, and at the right time hand them to the child. Your hands are busy, but the opportunity to communicate with the baby is left - tell him fairy tales, sing a song to the child. This greatly stimulates the development of the speech of the child and will take it for some time.

Easy gymnastics for the child is always good. Patting, stroking, a small massage can cheer him, after which the kid will be happy to do with toys or independently continue the exercises. Put the child in a place where he can roll over and roll safely for himself. My mother, meanwhile, has a little time to finish, for example, washing clothes. Return to the interrupted occupation, try to finish it before the kid again begins to demand attention.

Evening bathing for most of the children -A real holiday. You do not need to buy a lot of expensive toys for water procedures - the child will be enthusiastically engaged in plastic bottles, in which holes are made, colorful caps, foam sponge. Show the child how to pour water from the lid into the bottle, name the objects, describe their actions - this will help him memorize new words and names. Many mothers manage to combine bathing with a little washing or washing dishes - depending on where the baby is bathing. If the bath is on the floor in the kitchen, you will have about a quarter of an hour to wash the dishes.

Depending on the specific conditions, you can come up with many other similar tricks that will help simultaneously to deal with the economy and development of the child.

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