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How to combine housework and activities with a child

How to combine housework and activities with a child

Young mothers are sitting with your child at home, I would like to keep up with little more than the turns. And I would like to pay attention to the baby, and maintain order in the house, and the need to leave time.

Very little baby asleep for a long time, and you can allocate time for everything.

But when the baby grows up, the attention it requires much more, and all sleep periods are reduced.

If you need to wash the dishes in the kitchen or somethingcook, a baby can be placed closer to her - for example, in an arena or a highchair. Pre-select such toys, which can take a long time it at the right time hand them to the child. Your hands are busy, but to communicate with the baby remained - tell him stories, sing the song of the child. It is very stimulating speech development of the child and for some time it will take.

Light exercises for the child is always good. Patting, stroking, a little massage can cheer him, after which the kid would be happy to engage with toys or their own will continue to exercise. Place your baby on a place where he will be able to roll over and roll safely for themselves. Mother meanwhile appears little time to complete, for example, washing clothes. Return to suspend classes, try to finish it before the baby starts again require attention.

Evening swimming for most of the children -a real treat. No need to purchase a bunch of expensive toys for water treatment - the child will enthusiastically engage in plastic bottles, which are made of a hole, colored caps, foam sponges. Show your child how to pour water from the lid into the bottle, call subjects describing their actions - it will help him learn new words and names. Many mothers manage to combine swimming with a small laundry or dishwashing - depending on where the baby is bathed. If the tub is standing on the floor in the kitchen, about a quarter of an hour to wash dishes you will.

Depending on the specific conditions you can think of, and many other such tricks, that will help both to engage and economy and development of the child.

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