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How to combat aphids on a plum

How to combat aphids on a plum

Aphids - pests that taste many horticultural crops, including plum.

Attacks of this insect can be seen immediately after the first sheets to the middle of the summer, they are weakened, but closer to fall again renewed.

The fight against such pests as aphids, you mustto start as soon as you notice that the parasite attacks. Get rid of these insects, you only succeed in the event that you'll come to the problem with the utmost seriousness and will use methods of prevention and control of the complex.

First, always make sure that the surrounding trees were not weeds, but the first time they occur - remove.

Secondly, destroy basal shoots.

Third, do not forget to feed the garden culture. The fact is that aphids love to settle in weak plants.

Fourth, at the first sign of ants take steps to destroy them.

Fifth, create optimal conditions forSurvival ladybugs, because they - the main enemy of aphids. As is known, Ladybugs overwinter in fallen leaves, dry grass and moss, so always leave a small pile of leaves far from horticultural crops.

Sixth, spray the trees with special preparations and infusions against aphids, three of the most effective tools are listed below.

The spray of plum aphid

The infusion of nettle aphid

Take a kilogram of fresh nettles, and fill it10-12 liters of water. Leave the mixture to infuse for a day, and strain and sprinkle them plum over time. It is worth noting that a similar infusion superbly cope with aphids on roses.

Coca-Cola from aphids

Few people know, but many drinkCoke copes with aphids. Sprinkle plums this drink gives you almost 100% the result of the destruction of aphids, but it has a couple of downsides. The fact that this drink is very sweet and attracts the attention of ants, the very same method is quite expensive (for a small tree takes several bottles).

Infusion of ash aphids

The most common way of getting rid of aphids -sprayings infusion of ash. Take liters of wood ash, fill it with 10 liters of water and leave for a day. After a day a mixture of stir, strain, add five grams of soap (it is first necessary to grate) and spray the solution obtained plum.

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