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How to deal with aphids on roses


How to deal with aphids on roses</a>

Rose is the queen of the garden, nevertheless, it is very susceptible to various diseases, it is often infested by pests, especially aphids.

How to deal with aphids on roses, to allow roses to bloom as brightly as possible and for longer, what means can be used against aphids - this is what every florist thinks about.

The fight against aphids must be systematic and permanent, only in this case one can hope for success. Means for aphids can be bought in the store "Nature", but you can try folk methods.

What kind of plant is it?

This pest is not so easy to detect, so it is invisible and unattractive. On a flower aphids can have a different color, masking it under the color of foliage, stems, ovaries.

Hibernating aphids in the egg stage, in the spring quickly goes toGrowth and affects young tender leaves and the first peduncles. The danger of this pest is its ability to reproduce very quickly and literally suck all the juices from the plant.

Affected leaves and buds of roses darken, wither and fall away. With a strong defeat of aphids, flowers and stems, and the whole bush of roses die.

On a flower aphid - what to do?

To treat rose bushes against aphids, you can use different, including folk remedies. Among them there are many fairly simple and do not require long preparation:

  • You can mechanically remove colonies of aphids on flowers, picking up a piece of tissue and methodically destroying its clusters.
  • A jet of water will also wash off the pest, but these methods should not be used too often, and with a large number of rose bushes it is unproductive.
  • Destroys the fly ash: You need to sprinkle the bushes abundantly, but remember that this tool can cause a burn of a plant. It is more convenient to use ash infusion - lye with the addition of a laundry soap to the mortar. Bushes need to be sprayed in the morning, in clear, windless weather.
  • Good help and infusions of herbs, especially celandine and nettles. They need to be filled with water and infused for 24 hours, then strain and spray the rose bushes from the spray gun.

To avoid the outbreak of this pest, it is necessary toAutumn remove all the fallen leaves from under the bushes, sprinkle bushes of roses with urea, and in the summer, during the active growth of bushes, it is necessary to water abundantly the soil under them.

Actually, it is possible to fight aphids on plants in the garden, but you need to do it systematically.

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