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How to comb your hair back

How to comb your hair back

There are many hairstyles in which the hair is combed back from the face.

This is a classic high "tail", the volume bundle braid-spike and many others.



Slicked back hair can be, creating fashionableSpit-spike. To do this, separate the curls of the frontal area - weaving begins with them. Take thin strands and weave them together like a pigtail. And in order to get a "spike" each time the trailing extreme strands, grab some hair on the left and the right. We obtain a neat and very original Spit, in which all the hair pulled back. This hairstyle is almost all the girls. It is worth it to avoid only those who have a very wide and high forehead.


Removing hair back, you can create a stylish "cook." For this you need a good to comb the curls on the forehead. So that they were like a mohawk. Secure bouffant varnish and remove all the hair back under the gum. We get a nice hairstyle volume, which will go to girls with oval and rectangular type of person.


Short hair can also be combed nicelyago. To do this, you will need to ring or tape. Take some gel and apply it on the fringe. With zacheshite comb hair back. Put a bandage or bezel so that they kept hair, did not allow them to get out ahead. This smooth hairstyle is perfect for a small fragile girl with the face of a triangular or circular type.


Also, the hair combed back at the creationhigh fashion "tail", the beam, and various wedding ceremonies pilings. Outdoor forehead makes a person more attractive, so many people prefer hairstyle in which the hair is cleaned up.

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