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How to comb the hair back


How to comb the hair back</a>

There are many hairstyles in which the hair from the face is combed back.

This is a classic high "tail", a bulky bundle, a spit-spike and many others.



To comb hair back it is possible, creating a fashionableSpit-spikelet. To do this, separate the curls of the frontal zone - the weave begins with them. Take thin strands and twist them together like a pigtail. And to get "spikelets", every time the outer strands are braided, grab a little hair on the left and right. Get a neat and very original braid, in which all the hair is removed back. This hairstyle is for almost all the girls. It should be avoided only by those who have a very wide and large forehead.


Taking the hair back, you can create a fashionable "cook". To do this, you need to scratch your hair well in the forehead. So that they stand like a mohawk. Fix it with a varnish and remove all the hair back, under the elastic. It turns out a beautiful voluminous hairdo that will go to girls with an oval and rectangular type of face.


Short hair can also be beautifully combedBack. To do this, you will need a bezel or ribbon. Take some gel and put it on a bang. Use a comb to comb the hair back. Put on a bandage or rim so that they hold curls, do not let them get out. Such a smooth hairstyle perfectly suits small fragile girls with a face of triangular or round type.


Also, the hair is combed back when creatingFashionable high "tail", a bunch, various wedding and solemn arrangements. The open forehead makes the face more attractive, so many prefer hairdresses, in which the hair is removed upward.

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