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How to comb your cat if it resists

How to comb your cat if it resists

All of course know what is required combing Cats - this is useful for the health and appearance of cats, as well as flat wool becomes smaller.

But how to comb your cat if she runs or throws at you as soon as sees the comb ?!

You will need

  • - comb
  • - Dry food or any delicacy
  • - Old gloves



To accustom the cat to the scratching, of course, you need aIt can be used. Adult cats have probably teach longer, but in any case, it all depends on the nature of cats. It is important to tune in to the procedure and be in a good mood - the cat all feel!


First you need to choose a convenient place. Preferred on the windowsill - good lighting, a cat is limited in movement, and you are comfortable, no need to bend over. Combing is also conveniently on the table, in view of a table lamp, and in the bathroom. Before brushing is necessary to accustom the cat to the site - to seat her and stroking, to talk to her.


Now on to the comb. Good Furminators reduce the time of combing several times, but each owner is willing to buy it. The first time is sufficient to use a conventional massage brush or glove. The most important thing - a comb should not injure the skin of the animal! Massage comb with metal teeth have for this special coating and it is important to change the comb is damaged coating. In advance, place the comb on the place where plan to comb the animal.


The main secret - the combination of feeding! The cat should be quite hungry, and the food has to be her favorite. The most convenient way to use dry food or treats.


If the cat is afraid to take her placescratching, stroke a couple of minutes and put a bowl of food. Then start slowly comb from the top to the end of the back. If after the first brushing the cat escapes, lure her out of hiding food and immediately begin to comb when she eats. Try not to give a cat to escape and constantly slips food.


If a cat bites and scratches, for the firsttimes better wear leather or unnecessary rag gloves for skin preservation. With aggressive cats cope a little easier, the most important thing to distract them! You can also try to distract feeding or favorite toy. To do this, one person was playing with the cat and the other standing behind began to comb.


Do not try to comb out all cat 1 times. Combine feeding and brushing 1 - 2 times a week, each time increasing the time scratching and gradually get used to the cat will associate the comb with food and stop fear and biting. After combing always let the cat a treat and praise.

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