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Coloured lenses: how to choose and care for them

Colored lenses: how to choose and care for them

Recently, contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, since the glasses do not give such a clear "picture", which can be seen in the lenses.

Many girls prefer the classic colored lenses.

With their help you can give a different eye color and emphasize their individuality.

Colored contact lenses are purely decorativecharacter. They can be worn not only people with low vision, but also those who want a short time to change the eye color. It is believed that the colored lenses are harmful to the eyes, but it is not. On the contrary, thanks to the components of colorants that impart a color lenses prevent ingress of ultraviolet rays on the cornea. But unlike classical lenses, they passed less oxygen, so they can be worn for no longer than 8 hours per day.

A variety of decorative lenses

Currently, there are 3 types of colored lenses, differing brightness and color effect:

1. Tint lenses - this type does not change the color of the eyes, but only gives a brightness of natural colors. For example, the brown eyes, you can make a dark brown lenses virtually bestsvetny-

2. Coloured lenses - this type of lenses change eye color, for example, from gray to green, the color of the lenses in such nasyschennyy-

3. Carnival lens - thanks to illustrations on the surface of such lenses create different effects (cat's eyes, hearts instead of pupils, and so on).

Tips when choosing lenses

Pick colored lenses based on saturationnatural color. For example, if the nature of the brown eyes, is unlikely to happen to make them bright blue with the help of lenses. The eyes should look natural. You can choose the lens slightly lighter shade for brown eyes. For blue, gray and green eyes are suitable for almost all shades of colored lenses.

Before purchasing the decorative lensesconsult your ophthalmologist. It will help in the choice of the manufacturer, and give necessary recommendations for the eyes and lens care products. If the eyes appear discomfort or burning, you should stop wearing lenses or buy new other firm.

How to care for colored lenses

Caring for shading lenses need to justthe same as for the classical. Each time after take off the lens, they must be washed and put into a container filled with a special mortar. Most often, the same solution is suitable for washing and for storing lenses.

For washing colored and fancy lenses use solution, designed specifically for these types of lenses. They can be stored in an ordinary solution.

All funds in the course can be bought at the same place andcontact lenses or in drugstores. Remember that the solutions for storage can also cause eye irritation. Redness, tearing and burning sensation may indicate that the selected solution is not appropriate, you should stop using it.

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