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COLOR LENS: how to choose and care for them


Color lenses: how to choose and care for them</a>

Lately, contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, since the glasses do not give such a clear "picture", which can be seen in the lenses.

Many girls prefer the classic lenses colored.

With their help, you can give a different color to your eyes and emphasize your individuality.

Color contact lenses are purely decorativeCharacter. They can be worn not only by people with poor eyesight, but also by those who want to change the color of the eyes for a short time. There is an opinion that colored lenses are harmful to the eyes, but it is not. Conversely, due to the dye components that impart color, the lenses prevent the ultraviolet rays from entering the cornea of ​​the eye. But unlike classical lenses, they miss oxygen better, so they can be worn no longer than 8 hours a day.

Variety of decorative lenses

Currently, there are 3 types of color lenses, differing from each other in brightness and color effect:

1. Tinted lenses - this kind does not change the color of the eyes, but only adds brightness to the natural shade. For example, light brown eyes can be made dark-brown, the lenses are almost colorless-

2. Colored lenses - this type of lens changes the color of the eyes, for example, from gray to green, such lenses have saturated-

3. Carnival lenses - thanks to the drawings on the surface, such lenses create different effects (cat look, hearts instead of pupils and so on).

Tips for choosing lenses

Choose color lenses with saturationNatural color. For example, if the nature of the eyes is brown, it is unlikely to make them bright blue with lenses. The eyes should look natural. For brown eyes, you can pick up lenses a little more light shade. For blue, gray and green eyes, almost all shades of colored lenses are suitable.

Before buying a decorative lensConsult with an ophthalmologist. He will help in choosing the manufacturer and will give the necessary recommendations for the care of the eyes and lenses. If in the eyes there are unpleasant sensations or burning sensations, you need to stop wearing lenses or buy new ones from another company.

How to care for colored lenses

You need to look after the toning lenses exactlySame as for the classical. Each time after removing the lens, they must be rinsed and put into a container filled with a special solution. Most often, the same solution is suitable for washing, and for storing lenses.

For washing colored and carnival lenses, use a solution designed specifically for these types of lenses. You can store them in ordinary solution.

All funds on the go can be bought in the same place whereContact lenses, or in pharmacies. Remember that storage solutions can also cause eye irritation. Redness, tearing and burning can indicate that the chosen solution is not suitable, it is necessary to stop using it.

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