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How to collect the debt of an individual with a physical person

How to recover the debt of an individual with a physical person

Giving borrow money, everyone hopes to get them back. In general the problems of return of the debt does not arise.

What to do if you have problems and the people who took the debt can not or does not want it back?

It is possible to agree on an amicable.

If the borrower does not go in your concerns and agree with him can not, with IOU, written by his own hand - easily recover debt.

Without a receipt, you will have to work hard to return the money.



If you have a receipt written by the hand of the borrower, which contains the occupied amount, timing, and return all the details and your borrower to return debtand go to court. The receipt will be sufficient grounds for a refund. Write a statement describing in detail all the circumstances have arisen, and enter the amount you wish to return, taking into account the moral and material damage. After the adoption of the judgment and the return decision debtand with your borrower seek funds under compulsion.


Without a receipt, apply to the police. In a statement, specify the circumstances have arisen in detail, the amount of debtbut also details of their own and borrowers. According to this statement opened a criminal investigation into fraud. If you refuse to institute criminal proceedings, take the help of refusal. Apply to the court. Apply the resulting certificate of refusal. At a hearing invite two witnesses who are to testify on the fact of the loan. Provide personal evidence that the money you sent and received back. Depending on the judicial decision rendered will be returned debt, Having collected it from the borrower under compulsion, or admit the evidence base is not enough to return debta.


There are two options to return debta. Call a private detective agency or collection agency. They work only to return large sums of money and take over his job good money. Know that the return methods debtand through these agencies are unlawful and if the borrower goes to court, you can go to jail for a decent life. It is better to act by lawful means and without threats.

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