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How to collect the resin

How to collect the resin

Resin - is an organic substance which is a product of plant metabolism is a complex chemical composition.

Most resins are solid or semi-solidconsistency, have pronounced aromatic properties. For tree resin is a kind of healing factor, which protects the wood from cracking and drying preventing pests.

The resin was collected in the spring and summer with the wood and bark of coniferous trees.

From it produce rosin, turpentine and camphor.



Make a cone-shaped container for resin collectionor take the ready. To be able to attach it to the tree trunk, at the widest part must be provided a small flap. Or take for these purposes stationery scotch.


collecting resin called tapping andproduced in forests designated for logging. For the manufacture of products such as pine wood taken from podsochennyh trees. Otherwise the product for a long time during thermal exposure will allocate resin. Choose a tree with a trunk diameter of not less than thirty centimeters.


Secure the funnel at the bottom of the wide portion of the barrel upward taper down to the level of your waist or slightly higher.


When the collection container anchored to the resin, highertrunk to mid-vertical start making broad, shallow, parallel to each other incisions, incisions - about twenty-thirty. They should be placed at an angle of forty-five degrees from the top edge of the barrel and down the center. Mirror apply such notches on the other half. We need to get down to the converging funnel shallow line.


If such incisions already made in previousyear, then slide them in the direction of the application, for example, from the eastern side of the trunk to the north. The following year, already apply a notch on the west side, a year later - on the south side. In the fifth year of the tree give the rest, after which the five-year collection cycle can be repeated.


Leave the resin to gain a few days. Stay tuned periodically gathering place for monitoring the adequacy of the tank filling or discontinuation of resin.


When the resin will cease to stand, unclip filled container from the trunk, and seal the incisions little garden pitch.

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