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How to collect resin


How to collect resin</a>

The resin is an organic substance, which is a product of plant metabolism, has a complex chemical composition.

Most resins have a hard or semi-solidConsistency, have pronounced aromatic properties. For trees, resin is a kind of healing factor that protects wood from cracking and drying, preventing pests.

The resin is collected in the spring-summer period from wood and bark of coniferous trees.

It produces rosin, turpentine and camphor.



Prepare a cone-shaped container for collecting resinOr take the finished one. To be able to attach it to the tree trunk, a small lapel should be provided on the wide part. Or, take scotch tape for these purposes.


The procedure for collecting the resin is called a tap andIs produced in forests intended for cutting down. For the manufacture of products, for example, from pine, wood is taken from the sapling trees. Otherwise, the product will give off resin for a long time under thermal influence. Choose a tree with a trunk diameter of at least thirty centimeters.


Fix the funnel at the bottom of the barrel wide part up, cone down, at the level of your belt or slightly higher.


When the resin collection container is fixed,The trunk to the middle of the vertical, start making wide shallow, parallel incisions-notches-about twenty or thirty. They should be located at an angle of forty-five degrees from above the edge of the trunk and down to the center. Mirror such incisions in the other half. Shallow lines should converge downward into the funnel.


If such incisions have already been made in the previousYear, then displace their application in the direction, for example, from the eastern side of the trunk to the north. The next year, cuts are made from the west, another year later - on the south side. In the fifth year the tree is given rest, after which the five-year collection cycle can be repeated.


Leave the resin for a few days. Periodically visit the collection site to monitor the adequacy of filling the tank or stopping the release of resin.


When the resin ceases to stand out, unscrew the filled container from the trunk, and lightly coat the incisions with garden crockery.

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