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How to collect himself winch

How to build himself a winch

In the barn, in the home workshop or garage may need such a thing as a winch or hoist. In the store, these devices are not sold often also are well.

Make no winch to be too difficult and much less expensive.

You will need

  • - metalloprokat-
  • - tros-
  • - shveller-
  • - shkiv-
  • - block
  • - gayki-
  • - Threaded rod.



First of all, for the manufacture of the winch standsattend to purchase in a store or at a flea market such thing as a threaded stud. There are up to 2 m in length, and it is a need to buy, because the longer the thread - the higher you can lift the load, in this case, its stroke is approximately 180cm. Caliper or winch frame can be made of oak beams, but still preferable to make it from the channel bar or metal profile. Just slide can be welded from rolled metal.


So take a frame in the form of the letter "P"drill the holes in the sides for bearings in which are inserted the ends of the threaded rod. For a rectangular plate with coaxial adjustment hole for stud weld on both sides at the nut, this node will be pulling nut. It should drill a hole under the wire, its thickness should be consistent with the objectives for which you are making winch.


Consider, where the ceiling will bebe your winch: this will depend on which side of the drive is located, on which side of the unit will rise repaired cars. With some you hand weld area, which attach the unit by the cable. On the other hand will the pulley. Its inner diameter of the bore, adjust the one of the ends of the studs.


It should be noted that it is possible to apply the sprocketinstead of pulleys, using manual traction looped circuit, as this design winch is designed for lifting heavy objects large enough. But if you prefer electric, then for this purpose you can use a cheap electric drill, power up to 500W. Then you need to put on a pulley winch and a second pulley mounted on the floor.


And a few words about the construction of the assembly. Do not skimp on power and the number of the winch to the ceiling fixture. Use a long anchor bolts, if the ceiling of your room has iron joists, dot weld design to one of them, further screwing bolts. So you save and load from falling, and themselves from injury.

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