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How to collect hair in a voluminous bundle of

How to collect hair in a voluminous bundle of

Fashion is fickle enough, but, despite this, women's long hair is always left out of the competition.

Splayed locks are not very comfortable, because women are often placed different hairstyles.

One of the classic everyday hairstyles can become surround beam.

Volumetric beam - an excellent choice of furniturelong hair. This hairstyle gives the woman a stylish, elegant feel. In addition, it is well to help out in the windy, rainy weather, when no installation will not be able to maintain the original appearance. Collected in a tuft of hair will not scatter in the wind, and the appearance of the girl will be neat and well-groomed.

How to braid surround beam

The beam is ideal for girls with ovalface shape. But the owner of round, triangular or square in shape people can try to collect hair considered way. As the number of the fair sex beam suitable as leaves the face uncovered, favorably underlining all its features.

To create this hairstyle at home collect hairon top of the head in a tight ponytail. Hair comb up as carefully as possible, to no more protruding strands or hit the hairs. Hair should be smooth.

Gently comb the resulting tail. To create extra volume, slightly pre nacheshite hair at the roots. Top of the tail put on a thick rubber band. On sale there are special gum to create bundles. They are quite thick and wide.

Gently flatten the strands of hair around the gum, completely covering it. The remaining tails wrap around a pencil, hiding under the elastic and secure with hairpins invisible or small.

If desired, garnish with a beam of bows, flowers, rhinestones or other pins on your taste.

On the volume beam

This hairstyle is very versatile. It will look great in the office during working days, quickly giving its owner the business well-groomed appearance. If the braid beam more freely, not too tighten the hair, allowing some strands framing the face - you can create a romantic image of the air, which is ideal for walks or visits.

Important role played by accessories. Complete lack of them speaks of minimalist tastes of the woman and her desire to look strictly and expressively. Flowers and large pins give way and ease some carelessness. To create an evening hairstyle on the basis of the beam you can use the tiara, pins with beads or sequins. This beam is best done quite tight, but let a few strands framing the face beautifully.

In any case, do not forget to use hairspray fixing.

Another advantage of this hairstyle - the speed of execution. This is a quick way to bring your hair in order. In order to collect them described process takes only a few minutes.

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