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How to collect hair in a "riot of braids"

How to collect hair in a riot of braids

Each time to visit the salon before an important event or special occasion can be quite expensive and does not deliver pleasure. You can easily make a beautiful hairstyle at home.

One of these hairstyles is "Rampage braids."

You will need

  • - gum
  • - hair spray
  • - clip



To start with the hair to wash and dry the hair dryerstraightening them. Then collect them at the top and secure with a clip. Then take a strand of hair on the left and right side of the forehead above the eyebrows, making a "pony tail", and fix the rubber band.


Make four "horse tail" of identical strands and place them in a vertical line one above the other at the same distance.


Lower "pony tail" begin to braid into a pigtail.


Every two braiding pigtails let go of the strand to give hair a bit disheveled appearance.


In the same way the second braid bottom "ponytail".


The third "ponytail" the bottom split into two parts and each braid into a pigtail similarly releasing strands of hair every two weaving. The remaining two "pigtails" braid in the same way.


Remove the clip from the top of the hair and divide your hair into two parts: the front and rear. Then, back to the start to braid pigtail. Every two weaving release the lock.


Similarly, the front part of the hair braid.


The front braid, braided in step 9 back to the right lay and fasten at the back of the first "pony tail" braided pigtail.


Similarly, the rear pigtail lay ahead on the left and secure the first "pony tail" braided pigtail.


Lay pigtails Vered left and back again. Secure them so that each subsequent braid is positioned over the previous braid. Thus we get hair "riot of braids."

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