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How to assemble hair into a "riot of braids"


How to assemble hair into a riot of braids</a>

Every time you visit the salon in front of an important event or special occasion it can be quite expensive and not give pleasure. You can easily make a beautiful hairstyle at home.

One of these hairstyles is "The violence of braids".

You will need

  • - gum
  • - hair spray
  • - clamp



To begin with, you need to wash your hair and blow it dryStraightening them. Then collect them at the top and secure with a clip. Next, take a strand of hair to the left and right of the forehead above the eyebrows, making a "pony tail", and fix it with an elastic band.


Make four more "ponytails" from the same strands and arrange them in a vertical line under each other at the same distance.


Lower "ponytail" begin to plait in a pigtail.


After every two weaves release a strand of braids from the pigtail to give the hair a slightly disheveled look.


In the same way, twist the second "pony tail" from below.


The third "ponytail" from below divide into two parts and each braid into a pigtail similarly releasing strands of hair through every two weaves. Two remaining "ponytail" braid in the same way.


Remove the clip from the top of the hair and divide the hair into two parts: front and back. Then, start the back of the back braid in a pigtail. After every two weaves release a strand.


Similarly, braid the front of the hair.


Pull the front braid braided in step 9 back to the right and fasten it on the back of the head over the first "pony tail" braided in a pigtail.


Similarly, the rear pigtail lay forward to the left and secure above the first "pony tail" braided in a pigtail.


Lay the pigtails of the spiers to the left and back again. Fix them so that each subsequent pigtail is located above the previous pigtail. Thus, we will get a hairdo "a riot of plaits."

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