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How to Collect on fishing in the summer

How to come fishing in summer

This fishing - this is not only recreation, but also quite hard physical and mental work. It is necessary to take into account many factors such as the depth of the pond, the water temperature and weather conditions.

Preparing for fishing plays an equally important role as skill angler.

You will need

  • - fishing gear-
  • - backpack-
  • - kompas-
  • - lamp-
  • - spichki-
  • - knife-
  • - termometr-
  • - Waistcoat with pockets and kapyushonom-
  • - First aid kit.



Prepare the necessary fishing gear. Their list depends on what body of water you are going to fish and what kind of fish are going to catch. The thickness of the fishing line for catching fish of small size can not exceed 0.15 mm, whereas the production would require larger scaffold to 0.3 mm in diameter. It is playing a significant role, and the color of the gear. For fishing from the bottom or among the many underwater snags should use the line of brown shade and light green suit, to extract fish in areas with an abundance of grass.


Get the right backpack. The more it would various pockets and compartments, the better. Backpack should be a large volume to easily accommodate the extra clothes in case of bad weather. Note whether there is a backpack with straps mitigating elements.


Fill a backpack those important little things thatmake fishing easier and more enjoyable. This can be a compass that does not allow to get lost in an unfamiliar area, a small flashlight, a few boxes of matches to ignite the fire, a knife, which is indispensable to the fishing. If you care to know the temperature of the water from which the fish may depend on the intensity, bring a thermometer.


Pick clothes for fishing. The most important element of the wardrobe fishing vest is fitted with innumerable pockets, which is always at hand at the right moment will be fine tackle, hooks, fishing line, bait jars and other necessities. Not odd at such a vest and hood will be: it will not interrupt fishing, if it starts to rain.


Be sure to take a first aid kit, because in natureanything can happen. Make sure it has a few patches, bandages, activated carbon, iodine, painkillers, cotton swab. You can get together fishing and car first aid kit, which has everything you need.

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