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How to collect window

How to collect window

If your intention is to take up the manufacture and assembly of windows with their hands, keep in mind that this process is not as complicated as time-consuming.

For the competent assembly of the window will require not only the knowledge of the technology, but also the existence of a special tool.

But if you are not afraid of difficulties and do not plan to make a box that meets the high requirements of tightness and sound insulation, do not hesitate to get to work.



Manufactured their own hands Wooden window can be used on balconies, verandas, in the bath, that is where window guards performs the function of the external environment. The easiest way to make a single-leaf wooden box.


The material used is not one piece or timber and spliced ​​and well-dried wood. This will prevent shrinkage window and warpage during drying.


Structurally, the box consists of a box thatIt is mounted in the opening and the actual frame with glass. For the manufacture of boxes, use the bar section 50x50 cm. The dimensions of the board and choose a timber based on the size of window. Simple ventilator can be made of smaller boards, and boards more pick large window size to - give it rigidity.


To manufacture boxes window Take dry planed plank section 50h150 mm. Select the slot on the board to have the profile of a form of "T" letter. The crest is required for tightness window. The desired shape of the board may be given by means elektrorubanka.


Saw the board into four parts in accordance with the size window and connect them with each other. It is best to use the finger joints "dovetail". That's only for the manufacture of such a connection, you will need a special template and router. Often use a more simple direct connection with groove and tenon. For this barb cut out, and on the board adjacent to the first groove is performed on a horizontal board. You can do this as a hammer and a chisel, and using a hand router. junction promazhte joiner's glue and assemble the box.


It is important to keep the right angle when connecting partsboxes. For a more rigid attachment to the connection end of the drill hole and set it on the glue wooden pin. In the corners, you can install metal corners.


manufacturing technology is similar to the window framedescribed above. Be sure to use a pin and a metal bracket. to the strength of the parts of the connection requirements of the frame above, as it will be in motion (opening and closing).


At assemblage of the window frame, proceed as followsorder. Manufacture using planer desired profile. Determine the dimensions of the frame. Allow a gap of 1-2 mm between the frame and the frame for easy closing window. Cut the finger joints. Now connect all parts of the frame in one piece. Insert the glass. Replace the frame and the box loop. Window recommended paint to protect against moisture and other environmental effects.

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