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How to collect beads of pearls

How to build a necklace of pearls

Due to the high cost of the pearl he hasa great alternative - artificial pearls, from which you can self-assemble a wonderful thread of the original decoration, beauty is not inferior to natural.

You will need

  • - zhemchug-
  • - Fishing line or provoloka-
  • - zastezhka-
  • - Scissors.



Pearl. Purchase via the Internet or in a store beads, preferably of different colors and any size. For the estimated number of decorations is very easy to find - divide the product length to the diameter of the beads. The resulting number and give the necessary amount.


Prepare a fishing line or wire. If the product is a complex structure, volume and assume a rigid fixation conceived pearl "pattern" that for these purposes it is better to use wire, which can be of different thickness. If you intended to make generally low, it is enough to be a special fishing line, which is commercially available. It is available in different colors. This enables it to mask between the beads.


Select fasteners. Fasteners can be gold, silver and bronze. They differ in the way of fixing, and therefore it is possible to choose the most appropriate type of beads. Keep in mind that pearls - quite heavy decoration, but because the fishing line and buckle must be reliable.


Pick additional inserts. Beads from pearls You can further decorate beads from anothermaterial or beads, dropping them between the pearls. This may be a variety of options combinations. Acceptable pick up beads in harmony or contrasting shades. For example, white pearls well with black beads.


Choose the order of pearl beads location. Given that there are beads of any size, can be arranged in order of decreasing diameter from the center of the product to buckle, which is at the rear. An interesting option would be, in which the beads are arranged according to the scheme * small-large-small *. Between them, you can also start up small beads of a different material, large beads, or beads with unusual shapes.


Arrange the beads on the table in the order inwhere they will be placed on the line. Take the clasp, open it, adhere to the one part of the line length, which exceeds the size of the product by 20-30 cm (in case you want to make some more beads). Alternately, the line string on beads, and then bind tightly to the end of the second part of the fastener. Pearl jewelry set.

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