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How to collect beads from pearls


How to collect beads from pearls</a>

Because of the high cost of real pearls, he hasAn excellent alternative is an artificial pearl, from which you can assemble a thread of a beautiful original decoration, in beauty not inferior to natural.

You will need

  • - pearl-
  • - fishing line or wire-
  • - clasp-
  • - scissors.



Pearl. Acquire through the Internet or in a special store beads, preferably different shades and any diameter. For the proposed decoration, their number is very easy to calculate - divide the length of the product by the diameter of the bead. The resulting number and will give the required amount.


Prepare a line or wire. If the structure of the product is complex, voluminous and assume a rigid fixation of the planned pearl "pattern", then for these purposes it is better to use a wire that can be of different thickness. If it is conceived to produce a conventional low, then it will be sufficient to have a special line, which is available. It can be of different colors. This makes it possible to mask it between beads.


Choose the fasteners. Fasteners can be golden, silvery and bronze. They differ in the manner of fixation, and therefore it is possible to choose the most suitable type for beads. Consider that pearls are a rather heavy decoration, and therefore the line and the fastener should be reliable.


Pick up additional inserts. Beads from Pearls Can be additionally decorated with beads from anotherMaterial or beads, letting them between pearls. For this, there may be a wide variety of combinations. It is acceptable to choose beads of harmonious shades or contrasting. For example, white pearls go well with black beads.


Choose the order of the pearl beads. Given that the beads are available in any size, you can arrange them in order of decreasing diameter from the middle of the product to the fastener that is located behind. Interesting is the option, in which the beads are arranged according to the scheme * small-large-small *. Between them, you can also start small beads from another material, large beads of unusual shape or beads.


Spread the beads on the table in the order in whichWhich they will be located on the line. Take the clasp, open it, tie a line to it with a length that exceeds the size of the product by 20-30 cm (in case you want to make a few more beads). Alternately string on the fishing line beads, and then tightly tie the end of the second part of the fastener. Pearl decoration is ready.

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