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COCKTAIL "Mexican"

Cocktail "Mexican"

Alcoholic cocktail "Mexican" - a combination of tequila, cane syrup, flavored liqueur and citrus. All of this in a glass causes an explosion of all kinds of emotions.

This drink is more suitable for women, as the taste of his sweet and very fragrant, it is quite simple to prepare.

You will need

  • - 200 ml of liquor Beyliz-
  • - 200 g greypfruta-
  • - 200 g apelsina-
  • - 100 ml of banana siropa-
  • - 50 g of cane sahara-
  • - 50 g of salt.



Squeeze the juice from the orange into the blender. Flesh with the peel cut into slices, too, add to the blender and grind until smooth.


Pour the orange mass in a shaker, pour tequila and add ice and stir well. Add salt, mix again.


Grapefruit Peel - Peel we do not need a cocktail, but everything else grind in a blender and let down in a shaker to orange juice with tequila, stir.


Separately, whisk the syrup with banana liqueur, stir to brown sugar and mix until it is completely dissolved.


Put in a cocktail glass on crushed ice,Pour the first layer - a sweet syrup, then the second - a mixture of citrus fruit with tequila. On the edge of a glass can implant a piece of fresh orange and decorate the edges with sugar - for this land of empty glasses need to moisten with water, then dip them in sugar.

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