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The closing ceremony of the XXII Olympic Games in Sochi

Goodbye, Sochi!

So ended the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Breaking up is always sad, and the closing ceremony was very interesting and touching.

That came to a climax of the XXII Olympic Games in Sochi. To leave and say goodbye is always sad, especially when a major event happens in their home country.

Russian flag at the closing ceremony endured allRussian athletes who won gold medals. And then 1000 children touchingly sang the national anthem of the Russian Federation. Almost every closing ceremony of the Olympics begins with the fact that her reward runners who won the cross-country skiing. At this time, all the three places in the women's race went to Norwegian team, and men on the podium representatives of Russia. Therefore, at this closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, the Russian national anthem played several times.

The idea behind the program was that the representativesOther countries see Russia. After all, our country's rich cultural heritage, and we have something to be proud of. By the way, this time managed to beat the time when it is not revealed one of the Olympic rings at the opening ceremony. The whole program was very spectacular, it was shown in the best traditions of Russian culture - this is literature, and ballet, and classical music by Russian composers, and even present a circus show.

In the middle of the ceremony, the Olympic flag was handed overthe next country that will take longer XXIII Olympic Games - Korea. Anthem of the country, as well as the Russian national anthem, sang a chorus of children dressed in national costumes. And on the flagpole was raised the flag of the Republic of Korea. The next Olympic Games will be the capital city of Pyeongchang.

The most touching moment was endingthe closing ceremony, when the Olympic mascots went to the stadium. Polar Bear, Hare and Snow Leopard waving his paws, sending greetings to bear already flown away from the Olympics of the eighties, which took place in Moscow. Music from a song by Alexandra Pakhmutova sounded so that the stands was really quiet. A polar bear at the end just in tears, blew out the Olympic flame.

The final chord of the closing of the ceremonyfarewell song performed by the children's choir and music from the First Tchaikovsky Orchestra. It would not have been sad to leave, we did not say goodbye to the stadium, "Fischt" and Sochi. After all, very soon, seventh of March will host the opening of the Paralympic Games.

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