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How to close the pipe in the bathroom

How to close the pipe in the bathroom

The need to close the pipe in the bathroom there is a new apartment in the finishing and in the course of repair. Relatively inexpensive and simple solution - a box of drywall.

Make it possible to yourself.

You will need

  • - Waterproof gipsokarton-
  • - Galvanized profile / spreader
  • - Plug-gvozdi-
  • - samorezy-
  • - building level-
  • - ruletka-
  • - karandash-
  • - shurupovert-
  • - drel-
  • - Knife.



Start the stopwatch. Tape measure, measure the distance from floor to ceiling. You will need four racks of such length. Back down to the right of pipe 3-5 cm. Draw a vertical line using a builder's level. To the left of the pipe, the same distance, draw a line parallel to the first. The width of the box is equal to the distance between these lines. There will be four cross members need. Depth - the distance to the edge of the most prominent of the wall pipesPlus 0.5-1 cm (eight segments of this size).


Select the material for the manufacture of the frame. This profile can be galvanized or dry timber. Size Profile / beam section at your discretion. In the case of pre-soak it timbers protective agent against fungus and mold.


Cut profile / timber size, should have 16 segments. In two long bars, drill holes with a pitch of 40-50 cm, for wall mounting. In profile, as a rule, they are already there.


Apply profile / timber to the wall along the line you drew. Mark the drilling point. Drill the wall at all planned locations. Secure the rack to the wall using dowels, nails.


Connect together the two remaining racks. Use the four pieces of the profile / rod, the length of which is equal to the width of the box. Secure them with screws at an equal distance from each other. Attach the resulting design to the posts on the wall, using the remaining eight segments of the profile / rod and screws.


Cutting drywall for covering boxes. Plasterboard need moisture resistant (green). You get three parts: the front panel, two side of the same size. Self-tapping screws fasten drywall to the frame.


Close the horizontal and in a similar manner pipes in your bathroom. Cut a hole in the drywall for the hatch, through which you get access to the counters and faucets. Sam hatch installed after finishing work.

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