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How to close an organization


How to close an organization</a>

Any organization sooner or later can cease to exist.

Causes of closure may be different: Business brings losses instead of profits-a tax audit was conducted, which revealed violations-the dispute between the directors of the firm-the firm's debt, which is levied in court.

If you still have to close your organization, do it right.



Close the company with the help of official liquidation. After your decision to close, a full tax audit, destruction of seals, filing and filing of company documents will be carried out. The disadvantages of this method of closure are only the duration (it will take from 6 months to 2 years) and high cost, it will cost about 50 thousand rubles.


Reorganize the company, attach it to another,Perhaps, a larger one. When an entry is made in the state register, it can be considered that the company is safely closed. The director of the firm will have to terminate his powers and transfer the documents to the successor firm. In this way, the company can be closed for 3-4 months, and it will cost about 60 thousand rubles.


Sell ​​the firm, liquidating it. This is the fastest way, which does not require costs. For sale you will take from 2 to 5 weeks. But sales are different, carefully read its varieties.


Make a notarization. Draw up a sales contract and notarize it. The period of sale is 2-3 weeks, the cost will be about 16 thousand rubles, plus notarial costs of 15-20 thousand rubles per person.


Sell ​​the company by increasing the statutoryOf capital. This sale consists of two stages. First, a new participant is introduced, and at the second stage, the old members of the organization are introduced. But before such a sale, a re-registration must be carried out. The sales period will be 4-5 weeks, the cost is about 42 thousand rubles. This method is good if the company has more than 1 participant.


Sell ​​a company by increasing the authorizedCapital with simultaneous re-registration and change of the general director. In this case, with a simultaneous change of participants, a change in the CEO should take place. Term of sale will take 4-5 months. And will cost in the range of 55 thousand rubles.

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