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How to close the organization

How to close the organization

Any organization may eventually cease to exist.

Reasons for closure might be different: business brings losses tax audit was carried out instead of profit-which revealed narusheniya- dispute between the directors of the maker of the debt of the company, which will be charged in court.

If you still have to close your organization, do it properly.



Close the firm with the help of the official liquidation. After your decision to close will be held a full tax audit, the destruction of the seals, filing and submission of documents to the archive of the company. The disadvantages of this method are only closing duration (takes 6 months. Up to 2 years) and expensive, will cost about 50 thousand. Rubles.


Reorganize the firm, attach it to the other,perhaps larger. When the corresponding entry will be included in the state register, it can be assumed that the company successfully closed. Director of the firm will have to cease its powers and transfer the documents to its successor. In this way the company will be closed for 3-4 months., And it will cost about 60 thousand. Rubles.


Sell ​​the company, eliminating it. This is the fastest way that does not require cost. On sale it will take 2 to 5 weeks. But sales are different, carefully read its species.


Make notarization. Make a purchase and sale agreement and assure his notary. Term of sale 2-3 weeks, costs about 16 thousand. Rubles, plus notary costs 15-20 thousand. Rubles per person.


Sell ​​a company by increasing the authorizedcapital. This sale consists of two stages. First introduced a new member, and the second stage entered the old members of the organization. But before such sale must be re-registered. sale period is 4-5 weeks, costs about 42 thousand. rubles. This method is good if more than one user company.


Sell ​​the company by increasing the authorizedcapital with a simultaneous re-registration and change of CEO. In this case, a simultaneous change of the participants is to occur and change the CEO. sale period will take 4-5 months. and will cost in the range of 55 thousand. rubles.

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